Slowly Series

The Beat Oracle “Slowly” series presents sound collages of hushed, sometimes drowsy sounds. For this reason, the duration of these shows are uninterrupted by voice. For a satisfactory listening experience we recommend finding a comfortable pair of headphones or a nice nice hifi, and a quiet place.

Slowly 2020: Drifting Beyond

Slowly 2017: Illuminating the End

Slowly 2016: Collisions in ESO 510-13

Slowly 2015: Luminous Dust

Slowly 2014: 26,000 Light-Years Away

Slowly 2013: Waltzing through the Cosmos

Slowly 2012: A Distant View of Gliese

Slowly 2011: At the Center of NGC 6302

Slowly 2010: Circling SGR A*

Slowly 2009: Requiem for NGC1999.


Slowly 2008: Seven-thousand, two-hundred and six seconds towards the M100.

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