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08 february 20

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Pye Corner Audio Imprisoned Splendor Hollow Earth Ghost Box
CFCF Subdivisions Liquid Colors BGM
Arovane & Mike Lazarev Us, Inside Aeon Eilean
Jon Hopkins Scene Suspended Scene Suspended (Single) Domino
Goldmund Circle Occasus Western Vinyl
Actress X LCO Momentum LAGEOS Ninja Tune
EoB Santa Teresa Santa Teresa (Single) Capitol
Harold Budd Moss Landing Perhaps Root Strata
Sarah Davachi Buhrstone Let Night Come On Bells End the Day Recital
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Joy Tracing Back the Radiance Mexican Summer
Aix Em Klemm The Luxury of Dirt Aix Em Klemm Kranky
Bvdub I Would Have Waited Songs For A Friend I Left Behind Distant Noise
Windy & Carl Crossing Over Allegiance and Conviction Kranky
Labradford Wien Fixed::Content Kranky
Arc of Doves Sarabande Impressions Quietus
Markus Guentner Eternal Shadows of the City Moodgadget
Pass Into Silence Iceblink Pop Ambient 2006 Kompakt
Jonsi & Alex Somers Hundslappadrifa Lost & Found Krunk
Francis Harris Parklife Trivial Occupations Scissor & Thread
Chihei Hatakeyama Cluster Amaryllis Journey To The End Of August Hidden Vibes
Christopher Willits Two Horizon Ghostly International
Rafael Anton Irisarri Mountain Stream Sirimiri Umor Rex
Olafur Arnalds Saman re:member Mercury KX
System Stille Plus Morr Music
Midori Hirano November Invisible Island Sonic Pieces
Bibio Phantom Brickworks III Phantom Brickworks Warp
Ryuichi Sakamoto this is my last day Black Mirror: Smithereens Milan
Yamaneko Hikikomori Spirals Heaven Wide Local Action
Manual Oracle Night Confluence Darla
36 Signing Off Beneath the Lower Lights Past Inside the Present

24 january 20

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
DJ Vadim USSR Reconstruction (Jamie Hodge Mix) ZEN RMX Remix Retrospective Ninja Tune 00:01:38
Palm Skin Productions Slipper Suite Headz Mo Wax 00:04:41
Aphex Twin We Are The Music Makers Selected Ambient Works 85-92 Apollo 00:07:45
DJ Food Spiral A Recipe For Disaster Ninja Tune 00:15:10
The Advisory Circle Everyday Electronics Other Channels Ghost Box 00:21:00
Seefeel Time To Find Me (AFX Fast Mix) Pure, Impure Too Pure 00:21:32
Roj They Are In The Room With Us Right Now The Transactional Dharma Of Roj Ghost Box 00:28:22
Broadcast Ominous Cloud Haha Sound Warp 00:30:25
Boards of Canada Dayvan Cowboy The Campfire Headphase Warp 00:34:11
Bibio Bewley In Grey Fi Mush 00:37:27
Lusine Icl On The Line Language Barrier Hymen 00:39:01
Herrmann + Kleine Leaving You Behind Blue Skied An Clear Morr Music 00:44:10
Ulrich Schnauss Molfsee Far Away Trains Passing By City Centre Offices 00:49:40
The Orb Plateau Orbus Terrarum Island 00:56:40
DeepChord Presents Echospace Summer Haze Liumin Modern Love 01:09:25
Andy Stott Sleepless Luxury Problems Modern love 01:15:30
Ghostride The Drift B3 Ghostride The Drift xpq 01:20:32
Monolake Mass Transit Railway Hongkong Chain Reaction 01:25:35
Biosphere When I Leave (Finely Tuned Version) Light Touch 01:27:10
Christian Kleine City Nights Electronic Music From The Lost World: 1998​-​2001 A Strangely Isolated Place 01:34:49
Autechre Clipper Tri Repetae Warp 01:40:52
Stenny Blind Corners Upsurge Ilian Tape 01:46:49
Objekt Ratchet Flatland Pan 01:52:04
The Black Dog Terminalema Music For Real Airports Soma Quality Recordings 01:56:25
Move D Weimar - Heidelberg Hbf Tonspuren 1-10 BineMusic 01:57:17
Moodymann Wednesday Night People Forevernevermore Mahogani Music 02:00:11
Moomin Alone A Minor Thought Smallville 02:02:00
Cocteau Twins Cherry-Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix) Lullabies To Violaine: Singles And Extended Plays 1982-1996 4AD 02:06:04
Boards of Canada Into The Rainbow Vein The Campfire Headphase Warp 02:11:57

08 january 20

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Omma Hey Teplo Coastal Haze 00:01:35
Cassius Dreems Dreems Caroline Records 00:05:33
O'Flynn Udu Aletheia Silver Bear Recordings 00:09:44
Roland Tings Rainforest Salt Water Cascine 00:11:47
Kornel Kovacs Ducks Stockholm Marathon Studio Barnhus 00:17:07
Braille Stand Still Stand Still Hotflush Recordings 00:23:05
Underworld Listen To Their No Drift Episode 4 Space Smith Hyde Productions 00:27:36
Alex Frankel Hanukkah In '96 Hannukah+ Verve Forecast 00:32:36
FM Attack Stranger New World Starfield Music 00:35:18
Hello Meteor The Marble Sea Dusk Aquarium Self-Released 00:40:55
Blue Hawaii Try To Be (Catz'n Dogz Club Edit) Petsedits 001 Pets Recordings 00:44:00
Telefon Tel Aviv Standing At The Bottom Of The Ocean; Dreams Are Not Enough Ghostly International 00:49:30
Antenna Night Shift Quiet FX World Of Paint 00:53:33
Robag Wruhme Bezique Atout (Feat. Oxia) Venq Tolep Pampa Records 00:58:27
Ross From Friends Epiphany Epiphany Brainfeeder 01:01:40
Space Dimension Controller The Cost Of Clarity Love Beyond The Intersect R & S Records 01:06:58
Benjamin Frohlich Forty Trees Amiata Permanent Vacation 01:12:06
Neon Chambers What It Takes One Dekmantel 01:15:53
Burial Claustro Claustro / State Forest Hyperdub 01:20:33
Ara Koufax All That Is Solid Melts Into PR Sweet Pitch Self-Released 01:25:52
Synkro Protection Images Apollo 01:30:27
Sau Poler Juun Paradoxes Of Progress Atomnation 01:35:39
Dopefist Live Life With Love In Your Heart Nice Dreams Gated Recordings 01:41:00
Gemini Rising Best Case Life Best Case Life GR 01:45:12
Special Request 237,000 Miles Offworld Houndstooth 01:47:50
Prayer Goodbye Goodbye EP Grade10 01:52:25
Keep Shelly In Athens 9 Years 9 Years EP Keep Shelly In Athens 01:57:10
Bibio The Art of Living Ribbons Warp Records 02:01:10

20 december 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Barker Paradise Engineering Utility Ostgut Ton 00:01:33
Bibio Curls Ribbons Warp 00:05:31
Pye Corner Audio Hollow Earth Hollow Earth Ghost Box 00:08:44
Robag Wruhme Iklahx Venq Tolep Pampa 00:13:48
Galcher Lustwerk Another Story Information Ghostly International 00:16:02
Sasami Turned Out I Was Everyone Sasami Domino 00:19:46
Men I Trust Air Oncle Jazz Return to Analog 00:24:40
Vanishing Twin Cryonic Suspension May Save Your Life The Age of Immunology Fire 00:27:50
Sudan Archives Confessions Athena Stones Throw 00:33:17
Flying Lotus Land of Honey Flamagra Warp 00:36:07
Teebs Shells Anicca Brainfeeder 00:39:33
Floating Points Last Bloom Crush Ninja Tune 00:42:03
Plaid Los Polymer Warp 00:47:51
Thom Yorke Not the News Anima XL 00:52:32
Big Thief Two Hands Two Hands 4AD 00:56:17
James Blake Cant Believe the Way We Flow Assume Form Republic 01:00:00
Jayda G Sunshine in the Valley (feat. Alexa Dash) Significant Changes Ninja Tune 01:04:21
Placid Angles Soft Summer (Revisisted) First Blue Sky Magicwire 01:09:59
Smallpeople Camera Obscura Afterglow Smallville 01:16:21
Jacques Greene For Love Dawn Chorus LuckyMe 01:21:28
Four Tet Lahaina Noon Anna Painting Text 01:26:56
Segue Shore Breeze The Island Silent Season 01:32:51
Shed Die Oder Oderbruch Ostgut Ton 01:37:35
Comit Montage Remote Viewing A Strangely Isolated Place 01:42:36
DJ Python Cuando Derretirse Dekmantel 01:47:46
Visible Cloaks with Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano Toi FRKWYS Vol. 15: Serenitatem RVNG Intl 01:53:55

26 november 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Lapalux Earth Amnioverse Brainfeeder 00:01:36
Lone How Can You Tell Abraxas Ancient Astronauts 00:04:40
Clarian Early Life Total 19 Kompakt 00:08:37
Robag Wruhme Nata Alma (Club Smash Hit Version) Nata Alma / Venq Tolep Pampa 00:14:00
Autonoetic Distant Horizon Distant Horizon Self-Released 00:19:08
Jesper Ryom Close Close Self-Released 00:23:07
Fort Romeau Pablo Pablo Fort Romeau 00:28:56
Ross From Friends March Aphelion Brainfeeder 00:34:34
Four Tet Anna Painting Anna Painting Text 00:38:48
Joy O Burn (ft. Infinite and Mansur Brown) Slipping Hinge Finger 00:46:00
Lusine Turn Back Retrace Ghostly 00:49:21
Teebs Black Dove (ft. Sudan Archives) Anicca Brainfeeder 00:53:56
Sepalcure Dial Your Line (ft. Kevin Hussein) Dial Your Line IAMSIAM 00:56:37

02 november 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
40 Winks 40 Layers Its The Trip Project Mooncircle 00:01:35
Exile Love For Sale/Bots Have Feelings Los Angeles 10/10 All City Records 00:04:47
Teebs Studie (feat. Panda Bear) Anicca Brainfeeder 00:07:43
Ras G Come Down (2 Earth) Brotha From Anotha Planet Brainfeeder 00:11:12
The Exposures Theme Of Ifs And Buts Lost Recordings 2000-2004 Eastern Developments 00:14:46
HTRK New Years Eve Venus In Leo Ghostly 00:18:57
Men I Trust Show Me How (album v) Oncle Jazz Self-Released 00:23:13
Bernache Your Name Your Name Self-Released 00:26:41
Chromatics Light as a Feather Closer To Grey Italians Do It Better 00:29:45
Tor Lundvall August Rain A Strangeness In Motion (Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999) Dais Records 00:33:17
The Durutti Column Sketch For Summer The Return of The Durutti Column Factory 00:37:05
Leif Taraxacum 2 Taraxacum UntilMyHeartStops 00:39:38
NeferTT Cleos Spot Blue Skies Red Soil Hotflush Recordings 00:44:00
Sven Weismann Gravitational Caldera Mojuba 00:49:07
Bonobo Linked Linked Ninja Tune 00:55:17
Special Request Front Screen Projection Offworld Houndstooth 01:01:20
Gacha Bakradze Wont You Untitled Self-Released 01:05:23
Ambien Baby Cosa En Transito FATi Records 01:09:20
Takashi Wada The Old Man Looks At The Window Araki Onitor 01:14:45
Dub Tractor Rest Delay FX Records 01:21:20
Burger/Ink The Jealous Guy From Memphis Las Vegas Harvest 01:26:30
His Name Is Alive Lemon Ocean Mouth By Mouth 4AD 01:32:58
Carla dal Forno No Trace Look Up Sharp Kallista Records 01:35:40
Sales Checkin Out Sales LP Self-Released 01:39:38
Pipas Moss Oval Chunnel Autumnal Long Lost Cousin 01:41:42
ToiToiToi Lichtfest Im Hag Ghost Box 01:45:36
Purple Mountains All My Happiness Is Gone Purple Mountains Drag City 01:48:02
The Fall The Mixer Shift-Work Fontana 01:52:14
Kraftwerk Atherwellen/Sendepause Radio-Activity Kling Klang 01:55:37
Earthen Sea Less And Less Grass And Trees Kranky 02:00:37
Synth Sense Symbol 9.2 Symbol 9 Auxiliary 02:04:31
Space Dimension Controller 2257 AD The Pathway To Tiraquon6 R&S Records 02:09:48
Aquarium Rainy Night In Shibuya (Deepspace Slowdown Mix) Midnight At The Tokyo Central Natural Sciences 02:11:50
The Green Kingdom Aetherium Dub Vapor Sequences Dewtone Recordings 02:17:28
Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening Red Skies Victory Over The Sun Semantica Records 02:22:27
Alveol Childhood Home Dreaming In Underland Dewtone Recordings 02:30:32

25 august 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
DJ Food Nocturne (Sleep Dyad 1) Kaleidoscope (2000) Ninja Tune 00:01:32
Lali Puna Bi-Pet Scary World Theory (2001) Morr Music 00:08:47
Boards of Canada Julie and Candy Geogaddi (2002) Warp 00:11:52
Broadcast Before We Begin Haha Sound (2003) Warp 00:17:19
Madvillain Accordian Madvillainy (2004) Stones Throw 00:20:34
Magnetophone Kels Vintage Thought The Man Who Ate the Man (2005) 4AD 00:22:28
Juana Molina Un Beso Llega Son (2006) Domino 00:25:12
Modeselektor Edgar Happy Birthday (2007) BPitch Control 00:32:22
Portishead The Rip Third (2008) Mercury 00:35:55
Alva Noto Xerrox Monophaser 1 Xerrox Vol 2 (2009) Raster Noton (2009) 00:40:19
Gold Panda Same Dream China Lucky Shiner (2010) Ghostly International 00:47:36
Robag Wruhme Pnom Gobal Thora Vukk (2011) Pampa 00:51:50
Windy & Carl The Smell of Old Books We Will Always Be (2012) Kranky 00:57:05
Burial Come Down to Us Rival Dealer (2013) Hyperdub 01:04:16
Teebs Shoouss Lullaby Estara (2014) Brainfeeder 01:17:00
Roots Manuva Dont Breathe Out Bleeds (2015) Big Dada 01:21:01
The Radio Dept. Committed to the Cause Running Out of Love (2016) Labrador 01:24:20
Four Tet Daughter New Energy (2017) Text (2017) 01:30:08
Skee Mask 50 Euro to Break Boost Compro (2018) Ilian Tape 01:34:36
DJ Python Be Si To Derretirse (2019) Dekmantel 01:39:21

14 july 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
MelloWolf Late Night 1986 Self-Released 00:01:36
Erika De Casier Rainy Essentials Independent Jeep Music 00:04:56
Thom Yorke Dawn Chorus Anima XL Recordings 00:08:43
Beshken Know Your Name Aisle Of Palm Self-Released 00:13:47
Lusine Not Alone (feat. Jenn Champion) Retrace Ghostly 00:17:44
Tycho Into The Woods Weather Ninja Tune 00:22:14
Mark Barrott The Rowing Song Sketches From A Distant Ocean International Feel Recordings 00:26:10
Sales White Jeans Forever and Ever Self-Released 00:31:44
MorMor Outside Some Place Else Dont Guess 00:35:26
The Marías I Dont Know You Superclean Vol. 1 Superclean Records 00:39:18
Men I Trust Tailwhip Tailwhip Self-Released 00:42:43
Keep Shelly In Athens Bendable Bendable Self-Released 00:46:23
Move D Cycles Building Bridges Aus Music 00:49:37
The Juan Maclean Time Out Of Joint Time Out Of Joint Cin Cin 00:58:17
Peggy Gou It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) Once Ninja Tune 01:04:50
Route 8 Klasszik Its Okay To Dance This Is Our Time 01:10:20
Finn Find you Do What You Want Forever Local Action 01:16:24
Mall Grab Cant (Get U Outta My Mind) Cant (Get U Outta My Mind) Self-Released 01:19:44
Call Super All We Have Is Glue All We Have Is Speed Peach Discs 01:25:53
Floating Points LesAlpx LesAlpx Ninja Tune 01:34:01
Kedr Livanskiy Your Need (Deep Mix) Your Need 2MR 01:38:26
DJ Python Lampara Derretirse Dekmantel 01:41:50
Yu Su Little Birds, Moonbath Roll With The Punches Second Circle 01:46:29
Ghostride The Drift Untitled Ghostride The Drift xpq 01:52:30
Special Request Ardkore Dolphin Vortex Houndstooth 02:01:40

15 june 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Yagya Stormer tvo Stormer A Strangely Isolated Place 00:01:30
Alva Noto Uni Mic B Unieqav Noto 00:06:57
Deerhunter Greenpoint Gothic Why Hasnt Everything Disappeared? 4AD 00:11:18
Flying Lotus Spontaneous (feat. Little Dragon) Flamagra Warp 00:13:18
Bibio Old Graffiti Ribbons Warp 00:15:23
Dabrye Sunset (feat. Shigeto) Three / Three Ghostly 00:18:41
Com Truise Persuasion System Persuasion System Ghostly 00:22:41
JETS Real Truth (feat. Tkay Maidza) Zoospa Innovative Leisure 00:26:03
James Blake Barefoot in the Park (feat. Rosalia) Assume Form Republic 00:29:01
Big Thief Century UFOF 4AD 00:32:27
Radiohead Palo Alto OKNOTOK XL 00:35:32
Bjarki (.)_(.) Happy Earthday !K7 00:39:07
Plaid Dancers Polymer Warp 00:44:46
Modeselektor One United Power Who Else Monkeytown 00:49:39
Oliver Coates Cello Renoise Shellys on Zenn-La Rvng Intl 00:53:01
Young Paint Neutral Paint Young Paint Werk 00:58:00
Arovane & Porya Hatami Catenoid CHRONOS Karlrecords 01:01:02
Ryuichi Sakamoto This is My Last Day 2 Black Mirror: Smithereens OST Milan 01:07:06
Pye Audio Corner Surfacing Hollow Earth Ghost Box 01:09:20
Visible Cloaks with Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano Canzona per sonare no. 4 Serenitatem Rvng Intl 01:15:06
Robag Wruhme Venq Tolep Venq Tolep Pampa 01:21:24
Luke Slater Love (Burial Remix) Love Remixes Mote-Evolver 01:25:29
Mungolian Jetset A City So Convenient Auteur Jams Smalltown Supersound 01:32:08
Max Cooper Love Song (Acid Pauli Remix) One Hundred Billions Sparks (Remixed) Mesh 01:38:35
Prins Thomas Feel the Love Ambitions Smalltown Supersound 01:43:07
The Cinematic Orchestra Lessons To Believe Ninja Tune 01:47:25