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26 november 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Lapalux Earth Amnioverse Brainfeeder 00:01:36
Lone How Can You Tell Abraxas Ancient Astronauts 00:04:40
Clarian Early Life Total 19 Kompakt 00:08:37
Robag Wruhme Nata Alma (Club Smash Hit Version) Nata Alma / Venq Tolep Pampa 00:14:00
Autonoetic Distant Horizon Distant Horizon Self-Released 00:19:08
Jesper Ryom Close Close Self-Released 00:23:07
Fort Romeau Pablo Pablo Fort Romeau 00:28:56
Ross From Friends March Aphelion Brainfeeder 00:34:34
Four Tet Anna Painting Anna Painting Text 00:38:48
Joy O Burn (ft. Infinite and Mansur Brown) Slipping Hinge Finger 00:46:00
Lusine Turn Back Retrace Ghostly 00:49:21
Teebs Black Dove (ft. Sudan Archives) Anicca Brainfeeder 00:53:56
Sepalcure Dial Your Line (ft. Kevin Hussein) Dial Your Line IAMSIAM 00:56:37

02 november 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
40 Winks 40 Layers Its The Trip Project Mooncircle 00:01:35
Exile Love For Sale/Bots Have Feelings Los Angeles 10/10 All City Records 00:04:47
Teebs Studie (feat. Panda Bear) Anicca Brainfeeder 00:07:43
Ras G Come Down (2 Earth) Brotha From Anotha Planet Brainfeeder 00:11:12
The Exposures Theme Of Ifs And Buts Lost Recordings 2000-2004 Eastern Developments 00:14:46
HTRK New Years Eve Venus In Leo Ghostly 00:18:57
Men I Trust Show Me How (album v) Oncle Jazz Self-Released 00:23:13
Bernache Your Name Your Name Self-Released 00:26:41
Chromatics Light as a Feather Closer To Grey Italians Do It Better 00:29:45
Tor Lundvall August Rain A Strangeness In Motion (Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999) Dais Records 00:33:17
The Durutti Column Sketch For Summer The Return of The Durutti Column Factory 00:37:05
Leif Taraxacum 2 Taraxacum UntilMyHeartStops 00:39:38
NeferTT Cleos Spot Blue Skies Red Soil Hotflush Recordings 00:44:00
Sven Weismann Gravitational Caldera Mojuba 00:49:07
Bonobo Linked Linked Ninja Tune 00:55:17
Special Request Front Screen Projection Offworld Houndstooth 01:01:20
Gacha Bakradze Wont You Untitled Self-Released 01:05:23
Ambien Baby Cosa En Transito FATi Records 01:09:20
Takashi Wada The Old Man Looks At The Window Araki Onitor 01:14:45
Dub Tractor Rest Delay FX Records 01:21:20
Burger/Ink The Jealous Guy From Memphis Las Vegas Harvest 01:26:30
His Name Is Alive Lemon Ocean Mouth By Mouth 4AD 01:32:58
Carla dal Forno No Trace Look Up Sharp Kallista Records 01:35:40
Sales Checkin Out Sales LP Self-Released 01:39:38
Pipas Moss Oval Chunnel Autumnal Long Lost Cousin 01:41:42
ToiToiToi Lichtfest Im Hag Ghost Box 01:45:36
Purple Mountains All My Happiness Is Gone Purple Mountains Drag City 01:48:02
The Fall The Mixer Shift-Work Fontana 01:52:14
Kraftwerk Atherwellen/Sendepause Radio-Activity Kling Klang 01:55:37
Earthen Sea Less And Less Grass And Trees Kranky 02:00:37
Synth Sense Symbol 9.2 Symbol 9 Auxiliary 02:04:31
Space Dimension Controller 2257 AD The Pathway To Tiraquon6 R&S Records 02:09:48
Aquarium Rainy Night In Shibuya (Deepspace Slowdown Mix) Midnight At The Tokyo Central Natural Sciences 02:11:50
The Green Kingdom Aetherium Dub Vapor Sequences Dewtone Recordings 02:17:28
Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening Red Skies Victory Over The Sun Semantica Records 02:22:27
Alveol Childhood Home Dreaming In Underland Dewtone Recordings 02:30:32

25 august 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
DJ Food Nocturne (Sleep Dyad 1) Kaleidoscope (2000) Ninja Tune 00:01:32
Lali Puna Bi-Pet Scary World Theory (2001) Morr Music 00:08:47
Boards of Canada Julie and Candy Geogaddi (2002) Warp 00:11:52
Broadcast Before We Begin Haha Sound (2003) Warp 00:17:19
Madvillain Accordian Madvillainy (2004) Stones Throw 00:20:34
Magnetophone Kels Vintage Thought The Man Who Ate the Man (2005) 4AD 00:22:28
Juana Molina Un Beso Llega Son (2006) Domino 00:25:12
Modeselektor Edgar Happy Birthday (2007) BPitch Control 00:32:22
Portishead The Rip Third (2008) Mercury 00:35:55
Alva Noto Xerrox Monophaser 1 Xerrox Vol 2 (2009) Raster Noton (2009) 00:40:19
Gold Panda Same Dream China Lucky Shiner (2010) Ghostly International 00:47:36
Robag Wruhme Pnom Gobal Thora Vukk (2011) Pampa 00:51:50
Windy & Carl The Smell of Old Books We Will Always Be (2012) Kranky 00:57:05
Burial Come Down to Us Rival Dealer (2013) Hyperdub 01:04:16
Teebs Shoouss Lullaby Estara (2014) Brainfeeder 01:17:00
Roots Manuva Dont Breathe Out Bleeds (2015) Big Dada 01:21:01
The Radio Dept. Committed to the Cause Running Out of Love (2016) Labrador 01:24:20
Four Tet Daughter New Energy (2017) Text (2017) 01:30:08
Skee Mask 50 Euro to Break Boost Compro (2018) Ilian Tape 01:34:36
DJ Python Be Si To Derretirse (2019) Dekmantel 01:39:21

14 july 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
MelloWolf Late Night 1986 Self-Released 00:01:36
Erika De Casier Rainy Essentials Independent Jeep Music 00:04:56
Thom Yorke Dawn Chorus Anima XL Recordings 00:08:43
Beshken Know Your Name Aisle Of Palm Self-Released 00:13:47
Lusine Not Alone (feat. Jenn Champion) Retrace Ghostly 00:17:44
Tycho Into The Woods Weather Ninja Tune 00:22:14
Mark Barrott The Rowing Song Sketches From A Distant Ocean International Feel Recordings 00:26:10
Sales White Jeans Forever and Ever Self-Released 00:31:44
MorMor Outside Some Place Else Dont Guess 00:35:26
The Marías I Dont Know You Superclean Vol. 1 Superclean Records 00:39:18
Men I Trust Tailwhip Tailwhip Self-Released 00:42:43
Keep Shelly In Athens Bendable Bendable Self-Released 00:46:23
Move D Cycles Building Bridges Aus Music 00:49:37
The Juan Maclean Time Out Of Joint Time Out Of Joint Cin Cin 00:58:17
Peggy Gou It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) Once Ninja Tune 01:04:50
Route 8 Klasszik Its Okay To Dance This Is Our Time 01:10:20
Finn Find you Do What You Want Forever Local Action 01:16:24
Mall Grab Cant (Get U Outta My Mind) Cant (Get U Outta My Mind) Self-Released 01:19:44
Call Super All We Have Is Glue All We Have Is Speed Peach Discs 01:25:53
Floating Points LesAlpx LesAlpx Ninja Tune 01:34:01
Kedr Livanskiy Your Need (Deep Mix) Your Need 2MR 01:38:26
DJ Python Lampara Derretirse Dekmantel 01:41:50
Yu Su Little Birds, Moonbath Roll With The Punches Second Circle 01:46:29
Ghostride The Drift Untitled Ghostride The Drift xpq 01:52:30
Special Request Ardkore Dolphin Vortex Houndstooth 02:01:40

15 june 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Yagya Stormer tvo Stormer A Strangely Isolated Place 00:01:30
Alva Noto Uni Mic B Unieqav Noto 00:06:57
Deerhunter Greenpoint Gothic Why Hasnt Everything Disappeared? 4AD 00:11:18
Flying Lotus Spontaneous (feat. Little Dragon) Flamagra Warp 00:13:18
Bibio Old Graffiti Ribbons Warp 00:15:23
Dabrye Sunset (feat. Shigeto) Three / Three Ghostly 00:18:41
Com Truise Persuasion System Persuasion System Ghostly 00:22:41
JETS Real Truth (feat. Tkay Maidza) Zoospa Innovative Leisure 00:26:03
James Blake Barefoot in the Park (feat. Rosalia) Assume Form Republic 00:29:01
Big Thief Century UFOF 4AD 00:32:27
Radiohead Palo Alto OKNOTOK XL 00:35:32
Bjarki (.)_(.) Happy Earthday !K7 00:39:07
Plaid Dancers Polymer Warp 00:44:46
Modeselektor One United Power Who Else Monkeytown 00:49:39
Oliver Coates Cello Renoise Shellys on Zenn-La Rvng Intl 00:53:01
Young Paint Neutral Paint Young Paint Werk 00:58:00
Arovane & Porya Hatami Catenoid CHRONOS Karlrecords 01:01:02
Ryuichi Sakamoto This is My Last Day 2 Black Mirror: Smithereens OST Milan 01:07:06
Pye Audio Corner Surfacing Hollow Earth Ghost Box 01:09:20
Visible Cloaks with Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano Canzona per sonare no. 4 Serenitatem Rvng Intl 01:15:06
Robag Wruhme Venq Tolep Venq Tolep Pampa 01:21:24
Luke Slater Love (Burial Remix) Love Remixes Mote-Evolver 01:25:29
Mungolian Jetset A City So Convenient Auteur Jams Smalltown Supersound 01:32:08
Max Cooper Love Song (Acid Pauli Remix) One Hundred Billions Sparks (Remixed) Mesh 01:38:35
Prins Thomas Feel the Love Ambitions Smalltown Supersound 01:43:07
The Cinematic Orchestra Lessons To Believe Ninja Tune 01:47:25

18 may 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Bitstream Crab Nebula Crab Nebula City Centre Offices 00:01:35
Erlend Øye Ghost Trains Unrest Source 00:06:13
Gerry Read Itll All Be Over (DJ Koze Remix) Itll All Be Over Pampa 00:10:24
Boy Robot My Hearts Still Beating Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle City Centre Offices 00:13:26
B. Fleischmann + Ms. John Soda Here She Comes Blue Skied An Clear Morr Music 00:19:06
Lena Raine Tsukuyomi Oneknowing Local Action 00:23:15
Manual Lunate Until Tomorrow Morr Music 00:26:42
Yasume Slowly, Clearly and Calmly Where We Are From The Birds Sing A Pretty Song City Centre Offices 00:31:07
Future 3 Reverberate Like... April Records 00:36:21
Opiate Amstel Sometimes Morr Music 00:40:53
Solvent A Panel Of Experts Solvent City Morr Music 00:45:36
Christian Kleine Quadriga Minus Time City Centre Offices 00:50:26
Dub Tractor Faster Hideout City Centre Offices 00:56:11
People Press Play Hanging On People Press Play Morr Music 01:00:24
Com Truise Privilege Escalation Persuasion System Ghostly International 01:03:24
Saine + Smith Stockholm At Its Finest (feat. Uncle Noel) Dirty Games 2MR 01:09:12
The Radio Dept. Going Down Swinging Going Down Swinging Just So! 01:14:28
Rising Sun Rewind Realism Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine 01:18:39
Tim Hecker Step Away From Konoyo Anoyo Kranky 01:25:23
Fennesz We Trigger The Sun Agora Touch 01:29:49
System Plus Plus Morr Music 01:39:51
Smallpeople Afterglow Afterglow Smallville 01:49:35
Yagya Stormur Eitt Stormur A Stangely Isolated Place 01:55:50

05 may 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Metal Fingers Arrow Root Special Herbs Vol. 1 & 2 High Times Records 00:01:36
9th Wonder & Buckshot Hold It Down (feat. Talib Kweli & Tyler Woods) The Formula Duck Down 00:03:10
Cyne Haze Evolution Fight City Centre Offices 00:07:28
Nujabes City Lights (feat. Pase Rock & Substantial) Spiritual State Hyde Out Recordings 00:10:11
Milo Sanssouci Palace (4 Years Later) Budding Ornithologists Are Weary of Tired Analogies Ruby Yacht 00:13:23
Lee Fields & The Expressions Will I Get Off Easy It Rains Love Big Crown Records 00:16:12
Khruangbin Lady And Man Con Todo El Mundo Night Time Stories 00:19:38
MorMor Some Place Else Some Place Else Dont Guess 00:23:52
Tor Lundvall Hidden A Strangeness In Motion (Early Pop Recordings • 1989-1999) Dais Records 00:27:20
Bibio Before Ribbons Warp 00:30:49
Beautify Junkyards Ghost Dance The Invisible World Of Beautify Junkyards Ghost Box 00:33:50
Broadcast You And Me In Time Tender Buttons Warp 00:38:13
Kornél Kovács Purple Skies Stockholm Marathon Studio Barnhus 00:39:32
Plant43 Three Dimensions Three Dimensions Central Processing Unit 00:43:17
Plaid Getting Not For Threes Warp 00:48:32
96 Back Vennsate Excitable, Girl Central Processing Unit 00:51:20
Max D Lullabiological Many Any 1432 R 00:54:57
Sascha Funke Safety First Total 2 Kompakt 01:00:53
Boy Robot Old Habits Die Hard Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle City Centre Offices 01:06:11
Anastasia Kristensen Ascetic (In Breaks) Ascetic Arcola 01:12:56
Jubei Cold Heart Cold Heart Exit Records 01:17:42
Seahawks Astral Echoes Eyes Of The Moon Cascine 01:21:44
Lukid Drip Drip Arcola 01:25:17
Liquid Soap Desert Elf Naja Warfare 2MR 01:30:57
Oliver Hacke 5:32 Subject Carrier Trapez 01:35:14
Peggy Gou Starry Night (Original Mix) Moment EP Gudu Records 01:43:08
Kedr Livanskiy Why Love Your Need 2MR 01:49:16
Jessy Lanza Never Enough Oh No Hyperdub 01:51:49
Tiger & Woods Forever Summer A.O.D. Running Back 01:55:33

17 april 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time Warriors Ombra INTL 009 Ombra International 00:01:33
Lali Puna Deep Dream Two Windows Morr Music 00:06:39
Sasami Morning Comes Sasami Domino 00:10:55
Karen O & Danger Mouse Turn the Light Lux Prima 30th Century 00:15:15
Erika Spring Less Scars Cascine 00:18:28
Rosalia Di Mi Nombre El Mal Querer Sony 00:21:22
Kllo Dissolve Backwater Ghostly 00:24:00
Underworld Appleshrine (Film Edit) Drift Ep. 2 Atom Smith Hyde Productions 00:27:22
Galcher Lustwerk Life 200% Galcher Lustwerk Music 00:34:57
Jayda G Renewal (Hyla Mix) Significant Changes Ninja Tune 00:39:53
Kaito Until the End of Time Until the End of Time Kompakt 00:44:29
The Cinematic Orchestra & Roots Manuva A Caged Bird / Imitations of Life To Believe Ninja Tune 00:50:16
James Blake Power On Assume Form Republic 00:57:06
Aesop Rock & Tobacco 1+1=13 Malibu Ken Rhymesayers Entertainment 01:00:48
Skee Mask 800AB 800BB Ilian Tape 01:04:26
Objekt 35 Cocoon Crush Pan 01:09:30
RAP Ruin Export Jolly Discs 01:14:02
Shlohmo We Sat in the Car The End Friends of Friends 01:17:05
Apparat In Gravitas LP5 Mute 01:21:23
Curios jamp aux4412 mindcolormusic 01:26:46
Aleksi Perala GBLFT1740068 Paradox трип 01:31:55
KH Only Human Only Human Text 01:35:07
DJ Sports Parallax Modern Species Firecracker 01:41:36
Ametsub Flurries (Seefeel Remix) Mbira Lights nothings66 01:48:02
Anthony Naples 365 Take Me With You Good Morning Tapes 01:53:26
Olafur Arnalds Inconsist re:member Mercury KX 01:55:33

23 march 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Cylob I Left My Heart In Syntax Error Cylobian Sunset Rephlex 00:01:35
Mikron Aldergrove Severance Central Processing Unit 00:07:05
Lakker A Whisper In Your Ear Epoca R&S Records 00:11:58
ASC Solar Reaction Zone Of Avoidance Veil 00:16:28
Polygon Window Iketa Quoth Warp 00:23:03
Placid Angles First Blue Sky First Blue Sky Magicwire 00:27:18
Repeat G-Thing Repeats Delsin 00:32:15
Janeret Taiyofu Uchüsen YoY 00:39:31
James Bernard End Of An Era Atwater A Strangely Isolated Place 00:45:46
Sasami Turned Out I Was Everyone Sasami Domino 00:50:26
Helado Negro Running This Is How You Smile Rvng Intl. 00:55:14
Jessica Pratt This Time Around Quiet Signs Mexican Summer 00:59:27
Hand Habits Yr Heart (Reprise) Placeholder Saddle Creek 01:02:56
Nivhek Walking In A Spiral Towards The House: Side C After Its Own Death / Walking In A Spiral Towards The House Yellow Electric 01:07:15
William Basinski 4(E+D)4(ER=EPR) On Time Out Of Time Temporary Residence Limited 01:10:34
Midori Hirano Afterglow Mirrors In Mirrors Daisart 01:19:17
Deepchord + Fluxion Bona Fide Part 1 Transformations - Bona Fide Vibrant Music 01:23:10
Martin Schulte Echo Sounder Ocean Lantern 01:33:23
Visible Cloaks + Yoshio Ojima + Satsuki Shibano Anata Serenitatem FRKWYS 01:39:54
Fort Romeau Heaven & Earth Heaven & Earth Permanent Vacation 01:42:13
Octo Octa Bodies Meld Together For Lovers Technicolour 01:50:33
Smallpeople Camera Obscura Afterglow Smallville 01:57:54

10 march 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
I'm Not A Gun Make Sense And Loose (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) Make Sense And Loose (Remixes) City Centre Offices 00:01:37
Textural Being Vantage Points (Public Transport Remix) Uncharted Places A Strangely Isolated Place 00:06:20
Chromatics Time Rider Time Rider Italians Do It Better 00:10:50
Alvvays Dreams Tonite Antisocialites Polyvinyl 00:15:30
Curved Light Paths Divergent Flow And Return Constellation Tatsu 00:18:34
Sven Laux Floating Sidewalk Elusive Moments Dewtone Recordings 00:22:08
Dip In The Pool On Retinae (West Version) Retinae Moon Records 00:26:21
Solarize Nicht Mehr Nicht Nachtwerk (1991-1998) Bureau B 00:31:34
Christian Kleine Any Number Can Win Coreal Self-Released 00:34:28
Autechre Corc LP5 Warp 00:39:45
Static Three Nicotine Cigarettes Flavour Has No Name City Centre Offices 00:45:15
Lanark Artefax Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix) Whities Dub 02 Whities 00:50:29
Wanderwelle Primitive Dreams Gathering Of The Ancient Spirits Silent Season 00:55:22
Grit Drifting From The Bay Drifting From The Bay Meanwhile 01:01:19
Pye Corner Audio Descent Hollow Earth Ghost Box 01:06:15
Efdemin Good Winds New Atlantis Ostgut Ton 01:11:26
Kuba Sojka Mysterious Intrigue Mysterious Intrigue Mathematics Recordings 01:17:06
Carsten Jost Platoon RLX II Perishable Tactics Dial 01:23:15
Weval Same Little Thing The Weight Kompakt 01:29:43
Purl + Yamaoka Sculpture Sculpture Shimmering Moods Records 01:33:01
Kllo Candid Candid Ghostly 01:40:00
Steve Spacek Well Well Natural Sci-Fi Eglo 01:43:42
King Midas Sound Missing You Solitude Cosmo Rhythmatic 01:46:16
Sleaford Mods Firewall Eton Alive Extreme Eating Records 01:50:17
Helena Hauff Spur Discreet Desires Werk Discs 01:53:36

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