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14 october 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Luke Hess Transform Light In The Dark Echocord 00:01:35
Martin Schulte October Night Seasons Lantern 00:06:33
Fluxion Multidirectional II (DeepChord rebuild) Multidirectional I + II Subwax Bcn 00:13:17
Mønic Deep Summer Deep Summer Oasis Music UK 00:21:40
ASC Solar Reaction Zone Of Avoidance Veil 00:27:03
Ex-Terrestrial Alethia Paraworld 1080p 00:33:40
AL-90 Без Имени APXB Self-Released 00:40:16
The Other People Place Moonlight Rendezvous Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe Warp 00:41:45
Shed Call 32075! The Final Experiment Monkeytown 00:48:48
Melanie Velarde Tur Parcel Rvng Intl. 00:52:48

07 october 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Daphni Life's What You Make It Joli Mai Jiaolong 00:01:36
Blanck Mass Please World Eater Sacred Bones Records 00:04:40
DSC Wake Up Wake Up / Coming Round Me Me Me 00:11:04
Odesza A Moment Apart A Moment Apart Counter Records / Foreign Family Collective 00:19:05
Bicep Vale Bicep Ninja Tune 00:22:52
Sun Glitters What Are We Waiting For It Will Be Forever Sun Glitters 00:27:32
Baio Vin Mariani Man Of The World Glassnote 00:31:55
Matthew Dear Modafinil Blues Modafinil Blues Ghostly International 00:36:18
Way Out West Oceans (Feat. Liu Bei) Tuesday Maybe Anjunadeep 00:41:00
New Jackson There Will Aways Be This Love Permanent Vacation X (10 Years Label Anniversary) Permanent Vacation 00:45:18
Prayer Alone Seeing Black Acre 00:51:08
Four Tet Two Thousand and Seventeen New Energy Text Records 00:55:33

02 september 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Radiohead True Love Tape Loop OKNOTOK White Cassette XL 00:01:32
Juana Molina Cara de Espejo Halo Crammed Discs 00:06:18
Broken Social Scene Hug of Thunder Hug of Thunder Arts & Crafts 00:11:15
The Focus Group New Toytown Walk Stop-Motion Happening with The Focus Groop Ghost Box 00:16:00
Karen Gwyer Did You Hear the Owls Last Night? Rembo Dont Be Afraid 00:19:32
Com Truise Memory Iteration Ghostly International 00:23:20
Coldcut & On-U Sound feat. Adrian Sherwood Livid Hip Hop Outside the Echo Chamber Ahead of Our Time 00:26:52
Laurel Halo Jelly Dust Hyperdub 00:30:40
Space Dimension Controller Biopan Exostack R&S 00:35:36
Patricia Etant Donnes Several Shades of the Same Color Spectral Sound 00:41:54
Ryuichi Sakamoto stakra async Commons 00:47:16
Underworld Cups (Salt City Orchestra Remix) Beaucoup Fish (Super Deluxe Edition) Universal 00:50:45

12 august 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Freescha Up The Coast Kids Fill The Floor Attacknine 00:01:35
Portishead It Could Be Sweet Dummy Go! Beat 00:06:06
Fila Brazillia A Zed and Two Ls Maim That Tune Pork Recordings 00:10:16
MDK Urggh Open Transport Spymania 00:16:51
Autechre Second Scepe EPs 1991-2002 Warp 00:18:50
Higher Intelligence Agency + Biosphere Midpoint Birmingham Frequencies Headphone 00:26:23
Mokira This Total Age Fft Pop Cubicfabric 00:36:54
Leonardo Martelli Il Registro Previsto Antinote 00:42:29
Karen Gwyer Why Dont You Make Your Bed? Rembo Dont Be Afraid 00:46:44
Cylob Diof Cylobian Sunset Rephlex 00:52:53

05 august 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Pantha Du Prince Lions Love (John Roberts Remix) The Triad Remixes Rough Trade Records 00:01:36
Sascha Funke Purple Hill Lotos Land Endless Flight 00:05:00
Fizzarum Avellar Frisson Ant-Zen 00:10:55
Bullion Blue Pedro Blue Pedro The Trilogy Tapes 00:15:22
Amorph Don't Forget To Breathe Peripeties U-Cover CDr Limited 00:20:15
Obfusc Infinite Is Yr Heart Infinite Glimpse EP Self-Released 00:24:50
Vondelpark TV NYC Stuff And NYC Bags EP R & S Records 00:29:10
R. Stevie Moore, Jason Falkner That's Fine, What Time? Make It Be Bar/None Records 00:33:40
The Magnetic Fields '83 Foxx And I 50 Song Memoir Nonesuch 00:37:38
Ciaran Byrne You're In Tans'ur Envizagae 00:40:15
Lord Of The Isles Tocpe 28 Parabolas Of Neon Firecracker Recordings 00:45:55
Purl & Sinius Innercity Solitude Oceans Of Sound Eternell 00:49:45

29 july 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Washed Out Hard to Say Goodbye Mister Mellow Stones Throw 00:01:28
Com Truise Iteration Iteration Ghostly International 00:05:38
Miwon Pineda Jigsawtooth n5MD 00:08:56
Michael Mayer (& Gui Borratto) State of the Nation & !K7 Records 00:14:01
Assembled Minds Summoning of the Rave Creaking Haze And Other Rave-Ghosts Patterned Air Recordings 00:19:37
Ulrich Schnauss Melts Into Air (Yppah Remix) For Nothing EP Scripted Realities 00:26:15
Sylvan Esso Signal What Now Loma Vista Recordings 00:30:55
Geotic Sunspell Abysma Ghostly International 00:34:22
Botany Ory (Joyous Trail) Deepak Verbera Western Vinyl 00:39:10
Goldfrapp Faux Suede Drifter Silver Eye Mute 00:43:47
Laurel Halo Do U Ever Happen Dust Hyperdub 00:48:24
ISAN Risefallsleep Glass Bird Movement Morr Music 00:53:18

15 july 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Squarepusher Rebus Hard Normal Daddy Warp 00:01:36
Pub Paper Aeroplane Do You Ever Regret Pantomime? Ampoule 00:04:18
Porn Sword Tobacco Untitled 2017 Acido Records 00:17:20
Chihei Hatakeyama Sad Ocean Mirage Room40 00:24:00
Bing & Ruth Scrapes No Home Of The Mind 4AD 00:27:30
SW. Untitled The Album Apollo 00:32:28
Laurel Halo Sun To Solar Dust Hyperdub 00:35:53
John Foxx London Overgrown London Overgrown Metamatic Records 00:41:26
Jasmine Guffond Boundless Informant Traced Sonic Pieces 00:45:13
Micronism Contemplating The Quiet Mind Inside A Quiet Mind Kog Transmissions 00:51:22

01 july 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Fort Romeau Sattelite 2 Reasons Fort Romeau 00:01:30
Floating Spirits Methoxetamine (Quadrable Remix) FfAtP Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support 00:05:05
Jacques Greene Fall (Baltra Remix) Feel Infinite (Remixes) LuckyMe 00:09:25
Odesza Late Night Late Night Counter Records 00:14:41
H.O.S.H. Standing Still Is Moving Backwards Stories From Sa Talaia (Chapter I) Fryhide 00:18:18
System 7 PositiveNoise (Carl Craig Remix) Out A-Wave 00:23:20
Fear Of Tigers Persephone Cossus Snufsigalonica Part III ALKHEMIKA 00:31:15
Pixx Grip The Age Of Anxiety 4AD 00:33:40
Kromestar McFly The Experimentz Nebula Music Group 00:37:25
Margari's Kid Halt Init 1 E.P. Cosmic Bridge 00:42:36
Missingsense Goodnight Reroute (Z-Arc Remix) Touched Two (The Remixes) Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support 00:46:54
Wisp Across The Pale Sea The Synchronicity Suite Moodgadget 00:52:15

17 june 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Floating Points Kelso Dunes Reflections - Mojave Desert Luaka Bop 00:01:30
Letherette Sweeter EP3 Wulf 00:04:41
Mount Kimbie (feat. Micachu) Marilyn Marilyn Warp 00:08:30
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Echoing Green On the Echoing Green Mexican Summer 00:12:22
Mary Lattimore Your Glossy Camry Collected Pieces Ghostly International 00:14:32
Gas Narkopop 3 Narkopop Kompakt 00:21:06
Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri Un Horizonte En Llamas La Equidistancia A Strangely Isolated Place 00:25:05
patten True Hold psi Warp 00:32:07
Bola Herzzatzz D.E.G. Skam 00:36:05
Porter Ricks Harbour Chart Shadow Boat EP Tresor 00:41:59
Bjarki T4iT 3 Б = B Trip 00:48:13
Aphex Twin A2 Untitled London 03.06.17 Warp 00:53:58

10 june 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Kettenkarussell New York Blues Insecurity Guard Giegling 00:01:37
Dauwd Leitmotiv Theory Of Colours Technicolour 00:08:44
Body-San Central Casting Pacific Reasons Lo Recordings 00:14:11
Superpitcher 1984 The Golden Ravedays 3 Hippie Dance 00:19:50
T.Raumschmiere Zwerg Heimat Kompakt 00:29:10
Shinichi Atobe Regret From The Heart, Its A Start, A Work Of Art DDS 00:37:10
Dublicator Tectonic Plates Ambient Letters Seven Villas Voyage 00:46:36
ASC Solar Reaction Zone Of Avoidance Veil 00:51:44

27 may 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Super Flu Interlude 13 (feat. Andhim) Musik 3 Monaberry 00:01:36
LCD Soundsystem American Dream Call The Police / American Dream LCD Soundsystem 00:04:32
Sylvan Esso Die Young What Now Loma Vista Recordings 00:10:38
Hal Incandenza Desatame Calor Lost Worlds Records 00:14:05
Nuage Arrival Wild Project: Mooncircle 00:20:00
Polo & Pan Bakara Canopee Ekler'O'ShocK / Hamburger Records 00:24:10
As If Knowledge Presence BineMusic 00:30:03
Gaussian Curve Another Place The Distance Music From Memory 00:35:40
Joe Goddard Ordinary Madness Electric Lines Domino 00:39:52
Paul Blackford Light Years Light Years Central Processing Unit 00:44:13
Mux Mool Stay Calm Skulltaste Ghostly International 00:48:30
Goldfrapp Become The One Silver Eye Mute 00:50:50
Groundislava Endless Voyage Endless Voyage Wedidit Collective 00:55:21

20 may 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Yagya Through the Sculptor Group Stars and Dust Delsin 00:01:33
Ryuichi Sakamoto ubi async Milan 00:06:44
Geotic Vaulted Ceiling, Painted Sky Abysma Ghostly 00:10:26
Juana Molina Sin Dones Halo Crammed Discs 00:14:52
Alice Coletrane Om Rama The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda Luaka Bop 00:20:26
Forest Swords Exalter Compassion Ninja Tune 00:29:59
Biosphere Turned to Stone The Petrified Forest Biophon 00:35:22
Clark Living Fantasy Death Peak Warp 00:39:58
ISAN Every Since and Then Glass Bird Movement Morr Music 00:43:58
Martin Schulte Trolley Bus Seasons Lantern 00:49:23
Actress Fantasynth AZD Ninja Tune 00:55:25

13 may 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Echolog Conversions Conversions Constellation Tatsu 00:01:33
The Caretaker A Losing Battle Is Raging Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 2 History Always Favours The Winners 00:03:57
Lav & Purl Absorbed In Serenity A State Of Becoming A Strangely Isolated Place 00:08:30
Bvdub Love Is Never Asking Why Epilogues For The End Of The Sky Glacial Movements Records 00:18:10
Demen Mea Nektyr Kranky 00:26:12
High Plains Ten Sleep Cinderland Kranky 00:28:18
Ryuichi Sakamoto Garden Async Commmons 00:31:31
Slowdive Falling Ashes Slowdive Dead Oceans 00:35:30
Akira Kosemura Out Of The Solitary Mind Our Own Picture Self-Released 00:43:18
Mary Lattimore Wawa By The Ocean Collected Pieces Ghostly 00:47:03

06 may 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Lord Of The Isles Parabolas Of Neon Parabolas Of Neon Firecracker Recordings 00:01:40
Calibre Grow Grow / Lost / Strange Are The Days The Nothing Special 00:07:22
Biosphere Black Mesa Black Mesa Biophon Records 00:11:48
Sinner DC Born To Be Mild Arkle Parkle Avenue Tritone (UK) 00:15:18
SMBD Message 0316 Moon Theory Apron Records 00:19:38
Unknown Artist We Are Not Alone Covert II Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support 00:22:45
Synkro In Transit Memories (2008-2011) Apollo 00:27:40
Trudge Deep Eyes Blue Skies When The Rain EP Lost Palms 00:33:09
Xinobi Searching For On The Quiet Discotexas 00:39:10
Kilo * Is The Magic Number Augarten Onitor 00:44:24
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin Levi Stubbs' Tears The Big Idea Rykodisc 00:50:53
Maricopa OKCU This Was Years Ago La Luna 00:55:54
Eliot Lipp In Come To Life Young Heavy Souls 00:58:00

29 april 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Envelop Ears Western Vinyl 00:01:29
A Tribe Called Quest Melatonin We Got It From Here..Thank You 4 Your Service Epic 00:06:20
Kaytranada feat. AlunaGeorge & GoldLink Together 99.9 Percent XL 00:10:34
Kendrick Lamar FEEL. DAMN. Top Dawg 00:13:52
Moire (feat. DRS) Lost You No Future Ghostly International 00:17:23
Shed Turn 2 Turn The Final Experiment Monkeytown 00:21:21
Do Make Say Think Bound & Boundless Stubborn Persistent Illusions Constellation 00:28:10
Gaussian Curve Four For You The Distance Music From Memory 00:39:58
Kid Koala (feat. Emilana Torrini) Satellite Music To Draw To: Satellite Arts & Crafts 00:45:41
Eluvium Windmills Disquiet Vol. 1 Unseen 00:49:50

22 april 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Max Cooper Waves Emergence Mesh 00:01:36
Lusine Ticking Hands (feat. Sarah Mcllwain) Sensorimotor Ghostly 00:07:00
Miwon Jigsawtooth Jigsawtooth n5MD 00:11:31
Geotic Nav Abysma Ghostly 00:16:46
Bonobo Surface (feat. Nicole Miglis) Migration Ninja Tune 00:22:05
Mount Kimbie We Go Home Together (feat. James Blake) We Go Home Together Warp 00:26:06
Gaussian Curve The Distance The Distance Music From Memory 00:28:27
Slowdive Slomo Slowdive Dead Oceans 00:34:27
KYO Life Digest I Musik Posh Isolation 00:40:57
Ryuichi Sakamoto Fullmoon Async Commmons 00:44:47
Gas Narkopop 7 Narkopop Kompakt 00:49:39

15 april 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Maribou State The Look Native EP Southern Fried Records 00:01:36
Young Wolf Kabuki (Spiritual Version) Kabuki Themes For Great Cities 00:05:48
Booka Shade Eyes Open (with Craig Walker) Galvany Street Blaufield Music 00:11:55
Teengirl Fantasy Crash Soft 8AM Planet Mu 00:15:00
Spoon WhisperI'lllistentohearit Hot Thoughts Matador 00:18:38
Meatbingo Beat 'em Cynically For You Fonolith 00:22:55
Ambidextrous Znanie-Sila Touched 3 Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support 00:26:10
Kelly Lee Owens S.O Kelly Lee Owens Smalltown Supersound 00:32:52
Kiyoko Nancy Grows Up Emeralds Field Records 00:36:06
Robina Leaving Dark Hawaii Nights EP Club Sweat 00:41:39
Le Youth Walk Away Walk Away Homewerk 00:45:12
Talaboman Dins El Llit The Night Land R & S Records 00:48:02
Daniel T. Fahrenheit Fahrenheit / Celsius Cosmic Pint Glass 00:52:48

08 april 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Kid Koala Transmission 1 Music To Draw To: Satellite Arts & Crafts 00:01:26
Kyle Hall Dervenen From Joy Wild Oats 00:03:24
Shed Flaf2 The Final Experiment Monkeytown Records 00:11:41
Convextion Exploration 2845 A.R.T.LESS 00:16:44
Recondite Corvus Corvus Ghostly International 00:23:50
Visible Cloaks Skyskraper Reassemblage RVNG INTL 00:31:12
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk Ao Hinode Passage Azure Vista 00:31:47
Ryuichi Sakamoto andata async Milan 00:36:56
Avalon Emerson Natural Impasse Narcissus in Retrograde Spectral Sound 00:40:42
Jacques Greene Real Time Feel Infinate LuckyMe 00:46:32
Space Dimension Controller Exostack (Kornel Kovacs Remix) Exostack R&S 00:50:13
Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri Lo Esencial Es Invisible A Los Ojos La Equidistancia A Strangely Isolated Place 00:53:30

01 april 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Mystica Tribe Global Village Island Oasis Silent Season 00:01:35
Kiki Hitomi Galaxy Karma No Kusari Jahtari 00:06:58
Onra Fake Porcelain Chinoiseries Pt. 3 All City Records 00:09:39
Kiefer Reinvent Yo Self Kickinit Alone Leaving Records 00:11:39
Ras G Sun Behind The Clouds Brotha From Anotha Planet Brainfeeder 00:14:33
Babyfather Motivation BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow Hyperdub 00:17:23
A Guy Called Gerald Wonderful World 28 Gun Bad Boy Juice Box 00:19:17
Shed Outgoing Society The Final Experiment Monkeytown Records 00:24:24
Carsten Jost Army Green Perishable Tactics Dial 00:29:20
AL-90 Cheremushki Groove Cheremushki Groove Tape Throb Records 00:34:33
Mr. YT Afternoon Brand New Day Apollo 00:40:31
Octo Octa Move On (Let Go) (De-stress Mix) Where Are We Going? HNYTRX 00:46:48
The Other People Place Lifestyles Of The Casual Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe Warp 00:51:59

25 march 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Max Essa Your Cathedrals Re-Imagined The Red Collection Eskimo Recordings 00:01:30
Ochre Gilded Ground Beyond The Outer Loop Aura Materia 00:07:00
Parra for Cuva Unfinished Colours (feat. Other) Mood In C Project: Mooncircle 00:10:36
Why? This Ole King Moh Lhean Joyful Noise Recordings 00:15:06
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk Spellbreaker Passage Azure Vista Records 00:19:42
Mozart's Sister Eternally Girl Field Of Love ARBUTUS RECORDS 00:23:25
Fear Of Tigers Hey, Can We Go Back Cossus Snufsigalonica Part III ALKHEMIKA 00:26:23
Delorean Epic Muzik Phlex 00:29:31
Way Out West Set My Mind (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix) Set My Mind (The Remixes) Anjunadeep 00:34:54
Jacques Greene To Say Feel Infinite LuckyMe 00:39:40
Fritz Kalkbrenner Every Day Ways Over Water Suol 00:42:43
Danglo The Morning Complete Kitsuné Music 00:49:08
The Polish Ambassador La Que Quiero (Feat. Chico Mann & Ryan Herr) Color Of Flight Jumpsuit Records 00:53:04

18 march 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
The Gaslamp Killer Residual Tingles Instrumentalpathy Cuss 00:01:28
Botany Needam / Wish To Deepak Verbera Western Vinyl 00:04:25
Dungen Trollkarlen och fageldrakten Haxan Smalltown Supersound 00:09:04
Moire Auter (Outro) No Future Ghostly International 00:13:05
Actress X22RME AZD Ninja Tune 00:17:56
Will Long Get In and Stay In Long Trax Comatonse 00:22:56
Sei A Kalstar Space in Your Mind Aus Music 00:32:17
Yagya The Great Attractor Stars and Dust Delsin 00:37:32
Loscil Monument Builders Mounment Builders Kranky 00:42:24
Huerco S. A Sea of Love For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) Proibito 00:46:37
Synkro Lunar Cycle (Phase II) Project Mooncircle: 15th Anniversary Project: Mooncircle 00:53:25

11 march 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Sven Weisemann Cascading Lights Separate Paths Delsin 00:01:37
Christian Kleine Disintegrated Stokes Self-Released 00:07:47
Arovane Lenc/Crade Radius 2 Self-Released 00:13:05
Synkro Transition Disquiet Vol. 1 Unseen 00:19:16
S.A.M. Out Of Touch Dream State Of A Bellmaker Delaphine 00:24:27
Edward Untitled Planet Giegling Giegling 00:32:43
Kyle Hall Mysterious Lake From Joy Wild Oats 00:39:47
Youandewan Sofa Surfa Pinger Eclipser Chaser 00:46:26
Lord RAJA Butterfly On A Jet Para Ghostly 00:52:48

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