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22 april 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Max Cooper Waves Emergence Mesh 00:01:36
Lusine Ticking Hands (feat. Sarah Mcllwain) Sensorimotor Ghostly 00:07:00
Miwon Jigsawtooth Jigsawtooth n5MD 00:11:31
Geotic Nav Abysma Ghostly 00:16:46
Bonobo Surface (feat. Nicole Miglis) Migration Ninja Tune 00:22:05
Mount Kimbie We Go Home Together (feat. James Blake) We Go Home Together Warp 00:26:06
Gaussian Curve The Distance The Distance Music From Memory 00:28:27
Slowdive Slomo Slowdive Dead Oceans 00:34:27
KYO Life Digest I Musik Posh Isolation 00:40:57
Ryuichi Sakamoto Fullmoon Async Commmons 00:44:47
Gas Narkopop 7 Narkopop Kompakt 00:49:39

15 april 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Maribou State The Look Native EP Southern Fried Records 00:01:36
Young Wolf Kabuki (Spiritual Version) Kabuki Themes For Great Cities 00:05:48
Booka Shade Eyes Open (with Craig Walker) Galvany Street Blaufield Music 00:11:55
Teengirl Fantasy Crash Soft 8AM Planet Mu 00:15:00
Spoon WhisperI'lllistentohearit Hot Thoughts Matador 00:18:38
Meatbingo Beat 'em Cynically For You Fonolith 00:22:55
Ambidextrous Znanie-Sila Touched 3 Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support 00:26:10
Kelly Lee Owens S.O Kelly Lee Owens Smalltown Supersound 00:32:52
Kiyoko Nancy Grows Up Emeralds Field Records 00:36:06
Robina Leaving Dark Hawaii Nights EP Club Sweat 00:41:39
Le Youth Walk Away Walk Away Homewerk 00:45:12
Talaboman Dins El Llit The Night Land R & S Records 00:48:02
Daniel T. Fahrenheit Fahrenheit / Celsius Cosmic Pint Glass 00:52:48

08 april 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Kid Koala Transmission 1 Music To Draw To: Satellite Arts & Crafts 00:01:26
Kyle Hall Dervenen From Joy Wild Oats 00:03:24
Shed Flaf2 The Final Experiment Monkeytown Records 00:11:41
Convextion Exploration 2845 A.R.T.LESS 00:16:44
Recondite Corvus Corvus Ghostly International 00:23:50
Visible Cloaks Skyskraper Reassemblage RVNG INTL 00:31:12
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk Ao Hinode Passage Azure Vista 00:31:47
Ryuichi Sakamoto andata async Milan 00:36:56
Avalon Emerson Natural Impasse Narcissus in Retrograde Spectral Sound 00:40:42
Jacques Greene Real Time Feel Infinate LuckyMe 00:46:32
Space Dimension Controller Exostack (Kornel Kovacs Remix) Exostack R&S 00:50:13
Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri Lo Esencial Es Invisible A Los Ojos La Equidistancia A Strangely Isolated Place 00:53:30

01 april 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Mystica Tribe Global Village Island Oasis Silent Season 00:01:35
Kiki Hitomi Galaxy Karma No Kusari Jahtari 00:06:58
Onra Fake Porcelain Chinoiseries Pt. 3 All City Records 00:09:39
Kiefer Reinvent Yo Self Kickinit Alone Leaving Records 00:11:39
Ras G Sun Behind The Clouds Brotha From Anotha Planet Brainfeeder 00:14:33
Babyfather Motivation BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow Hyperdub 00:17:23
A Guy Called Gerald Wonderful World 28 Gun Bad Boy Juice Box 00:19:17
Shed Outgoing Society The Final Experiment Monkeytown Records 00:24:24
Carsten Jost Army Green Perishable Tactics Dial 00:29:20
AL-90 Cheremushki Groove Cheremushki Groove Tape Throb Records 00:34:33
Mr. YT Afternoon Brand New Day Apollo 00:40:31
Octo Octa Move On (Let Go) (De-stress Mix) Where Are We Going? HNYTRX 00:46:48
The Other People Place Lifestyles Of The Casual Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe Warp 00:51:59

25 march 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Max Essa Your Cathedrals Re-Imagined The Red Collection Eskimo Recordings 00:01:30
Ochre Gilded Ground Beyond The Outer Loop Aura Materia 00:07:00
Parra for Cuva Unfinished Colours (feat. Other) Mood In C Project: Mooncircle 00:10:36
Why? This Ole King Moh Lhean Joyful Noise Recordings 00:15:06
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk Spellbreaker Passage Azure Vista Records 00:19:42
Mozart's Sister Eternally Girl Field Of Love ARBUTUS RECORDS 00:23:25
Fear Of Tigers Hey, Can We Go Back Cossus Snufsigalonica Part III ALKHEMIKA 00:26:23
Delorean Epic Muzik Phlex 00:29:31
Way Out West Set My Mind (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix) Set My Mind (The Remixes) Anjunadeep 00:34:54
Jacques Greene To Say Feel Infinite LuckyMe 00:39:40
Fritz Kalkbrenner Every Day Ways Over Water Suol 00:42:43
Danglo The Morning Complete Kitsuné Music 00:49:08
The Polish Ambassador La Que Quiero (Feat. Chico Mann & Ryan Herr) Color Of Flight Jumpsuit Records 00:53:04

18 march 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
The Gaslamp Killer Residual Tingles Instrumentalpathy Cuss 00:01:28
Botany Needam / Wish To Deepak Verbera Western Vinyl 00:04:25
Dungen Trollkarlen och fageldrakten Haxan Smalltown Supersound 00:09:04
Moire Auter (Outro) No Future Ghostly International 00:13:05
Actress X22RME AZD Ninja Tune 00:17:56
Will Long Get In and Stay In Long Trax Comatonse 00:22:56
Sei A Kalstar Space in Your Mind Aus Music 00:32:17
Yagya The Great Attractor Stars and Dust Delsin 00:37:32
Loscil Monument Builders Mounment Builders Kranky 00:42:24
Huerco S. A Sea of Love For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) Proibito 00:46:37
Synkro Lunar Cycle (Phase II) Project Mooncircle: 15th Anniversary Project: Mooncircle 00:53:25

11 march 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Sven Weisemann Cascading Lights Separate Paths Delsin 00:01:37
Christian Kleine Disintegrated Stokes Self-Released 00:07:47
Arovane Lenc/Crade Radius 2 Self-Released 00:13:05
Synkro Transition Disquiet Vol. 1 Unseen 00:19:16
S.A.M. Out Of Touch Dream State Of A Bellmaker Delaphine 00:24:27
Edward Untitled Planet Giegling Giegling 00:32:43
Kyle Hall Mysterious Lake From Joy Wild Oats 00:39:47
Youandewan Sofa Surfa Pinger Eclipser Chaser 00:46:26
Lord RAJA Butterfly On A Jet Para Ghostly 00:52:48

04 march 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Lav & Purl Remembering A State Of Becoming A Strangely Isolated Place 00:01:38
dBRm The Third Room (Craig Richards Remix For Derren) The Third Room The Nothing Special 00:11:30
Lord Of The Isles Airgoid Meall In Waves ESP Institute 00:22:50
Max Cooper Organa Emergence Mesh 00:29:18
Oxia Domino (Robag's Lasika Cafa Nb) Domino (Remixes) Sapiens 00:34:30
Clark Peak Magnetic Death Peak Warp Records 00:38:16
Groundislava Pressure Endless Voyage Wedidit Collective 00:43:56
Samaris Wanted 2 Say Black Lights One Little Indian 00:47:09
Ethernet Dyad Outside Of Time Carpe Sonum Records 00:51:25

25 february 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Convextion Sea and Satellite 2845 A.R.T.LESS 00:01:36
Porter Ricks Bay Rouge Shadow Boat EP Tresor 00:08:39
Konx-om-Pax Manhunter Caramel Planet Mu 00:14:59
Second Woman 700358bc5 Second Woman Spectrum Spools 00:17:46
Moire (feat. James Massiah) Facade No Future Ghostly International 00:21:35
Anthony Naples Momentos Magicos Slice of Life The Trilogy Tapes 00:26:16
Equiknoxx Timebird Bird Sound Power DDS 00:36:42
Radiohead Present Tense (Greenwood, Yorke, and a CR78 Live) Present Tense XL 00:39:35
A Tribe Called Quest Conrad Tokyo We Got It From Here..Thank You 4 Your Service Epic 00:44:43
Romare All Night Love Songs: Part 2 Ninja Tune 00:47:49
Arovane Dwaard Radius 2 00:52:49

18 february 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Hiroto Kudo Dive Hypnotism Self-Released 00:01:35
Lusine Just A Cloud (feat. Vilja Larjosto) Sensorimotor Ghostly 00:06:12
Kid Koala Featuring Emiliana Torrini Collapser Music To Draw To: Satellite Arts & Crafts 00:11:30
Geotic Actually Smiling Abysma Ghostly 00:15:17
Rising Sun Amen Trilogy Fauxpas Musik 00:20:05
Will Long Under-Currents (Sprinkles Overdub) Long Trax Comatonse Recordings 00:23:00
Crackazat Coffee Time Coffee Time Eureka! 00:33:16
Clarian Ankh Ankh Kompakt 00:39:55
Martin Schulte Winter Calmness Seasons Lantern 00:45:39
Earthen Sea Truth A Serious Thing Self-Released 00:51:16

11 february 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Ambassadeurs Rapture Higher Lost Tribe Records 00:01:30
Shura Touch (Four Tet Remix) Touch Interscope Records 00:07:56
Climbers Feel Good Feel Good / Make Love Glasgow Underground 00:11:59
Royksopp Never Ever (feat. Susanne Sundfor) Never Ever Universal Music 00:18:18
Crystal Fighters In Your Arms Everything Is My Family Play It Again Sam 00:23:06
Honne Treat You Right Warm on a Cold Night Tatemae Recordings / Atlantic 00:26:34
The Shanghai Restoration Project Preface Story Of A City Undercover Culture Music 00:30:33
Wolfgang Flur Pleasure Lane Eloquence (Complete Works) Strike Force Entertainment 00:33:06
The Range Florida Potential Domino 00:37:10
Tamaryn Hands All Over Me Cranekiss Mexican Summer 00:40:25
Tourist My Love (Interlude) U Monday 00:44:05
Trypheme French Kiss On Sapphire Scenic Online Dating Central Processing Unit 00:46:03
Virginia Bally Linny Fierce For The Night Kompakt 00:50:24
Nuage Leave The Past Project Mooncircle: 15th Anniversary Project: Mooncircle 00:54:40

28 january 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Kaytranada feat. Karriem Riggins & River Tiber Bus Ride 99.9 Percent XL 00:01:30
Yves Tumor Face of a Demon Serpent Music PAN 00:03:40
DJ Shadow The Mountain Will Fall The Mountain Will Fall Mass Appeal 00:04:57
Rain Dog Lloyd Has My Keyboard There Be Monsters Project: Mooncircle 00:09:26
Mux Mool Sympathy Implied Lines 00:13:42
Equiknoxx Clunk Bird Sound Power DDS 00:16:44
Romare Je Taime Love Songs: Part 2 Ninja Tune 00:21:13
Gold Panda Time Eater (Ssighborgg Re-Work) Your Good Times Are Just Beginning City Slang 00:28:06
Dungen Kalifen Smalltown Supersound 00:34:42
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Stratus Ears Western Vinyl 00:39:16
Botany Burning from the Edges Inward Deepak Verbera Western Vinyl 00:41:42
The Orb 9 Elms Over River Eno (Channel 9) COW / Chill Out World!) Kompakt 00:48:01
Bjarki As You Remember Б = B трип 00:51:45
Omar S Hell on Earth Hit It Bubba FXHE 00:56:03

21 january 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Matters & Dunaway Memorial The Synchronicity Suite Moodgadget 00:01:36
Run The Jewels 2100 (Feat. BOOTS) Run The Jewels 3 Run The Jewels, Inc. 00:05:18
Illum Sphere Fuel The Fire Glass Ninja Tune 00:09:00
Saul Williams Ashes Martyr Loser King Fader Label 00:13:55
Sad World Apadana Sad World Fax +49-69/450464 00:15:57
Bonobo Bambro Koyo Ganda (Feat. Innov Gnawa) Migration Ninja Tune 00:20:40
Blackalicious Imani (Feat. Zap Mama) Imani Vol. 1 OGM Recordings 00:25:39
Tornado Wallace Kingdom Animalia Lonely Planet Running Back 00:28:50
Boris Divider Escabas Visiones Secuenciales Artificial Domain 00:33:00
Ali Renault Fume Altro Mondo Bordello A Parigi 00:37:20
The XX Brave For You I See You Young Turks 00:45:50
Gidge Hope LNLNN Atomnation 00:50:00

14 january 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Jeff Parker Here Comes Ezra The New Breed International Anthem Recording Company 00:01:36
Yussef Kamaal Strings Of Light Black Focus Brownswood Recordings 00:04:32
Babyfather Killuminatti BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow Hyperdub 00:10:56
DJ Swagger Peturn Of The Rimp Greatest Hits Natural Sciences 00:13:30
Nathan Fake Now We Know Degreelessness Ninja Tune 00:18:06
Miagma You Winona E Beamz 00:25:52
Jacques Greene Afterglow Afterglow LuckyMe 00:31:55
Vermont Norderney II Kompakt 00:35:34
Prince Of Denmark Pulsierendes Leben 8 Forum 00:40:37
Fluxion Contact Vibrant Forms III Subwax Bcn 00:48:30

31 december 16

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Noo Rainbow Road Optimo Music Disco Plate Five Optimo Music 00:01:42
Dusky Ingrid Is A Hybrid (Bwana's We're All In This Together Remix) Ingrid Is A Hybrid (The Remixes) 17 Steps 00:07:27
Lindstrom Closing Shot Closing Shot Feedelity 00:15:20
Rufus Innerbloom (H.O.S.H Remix) Innerbloom (The Remixes) Sweat It Out! 00:22:53
Mungolian Jet Set A City So Convenient A City So Convenient Smalltown Supersound 00:32:18
Haelos Intro / Spectrum / Pray Full Circle Matador 00:36:36
Gelka People Say (feat. Phoenix Pearle) Stardust Memories Self-Released 00:41:22
The Range Copper Wire Potential Domino 00:45:54
David August Ouvert J.B.Y. / Ouvert Counter Records / Ninja Tune 00:49:31
Hatti Vatti & Es.tereo Forgotten Scores Maps Absys Records 00:54:24
Fakear Rise Animal Counter Records 00:59:20
Honne Good Together Warm on a Cold Night Tatemae Recordings / Atlantic 01:03:55
Louis La Roche Throwback (feat. Fyutch) 1996 Ever After Records 01:07:34
MNEK At Night (I Think About You) At Night (I Think About You) Universal Music 01:10:50
The XX On Hold On Hold Young Turks 01:14:22
Underworld Nylon Strung Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future Smith Hyde Productions 01:18:00
Danglo Complete (Feat. Ivan Franco) Complete Kitsune Music 01:24:24
Kettel Id Bitte Wingtip Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB) 01:28:47
Mind Enterprises Stamps Idealist Because Music 01:33:06
Maricopa One Impulse This Was Years Ago La Luna 01:36:22
Sei A Morning Soldier Space In Your Mind Aus Music 01:42:52
Bon Iver 33 GOD 22, A Million Jagjaguwar 01:45:39
The Avalanches Saturday Night Inside Out Wildflower Modular Recordings 01:49:03
Kidnap Kid First Light Beating Heart - Malawi Beating Heart 01:53:40

10 december 16

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Youandewan 4D Anxiety There Is No Right Time Aus Music 00:01:38
The Invisible Lifes Dancers Patience Ninja Tune 00:06:34
The Radio Dept. This Thing Was Bound To Happen Running Out Of Love Labrador 00:10:40
Jessy Lanza Oh No Oh No Hyperdub 00:13:40
Junior Boys Over It Big Black Coat City Slang 00:18:04
Christian Loffler Wilderness (feat. Mohna) Mare Ki Records 00:21:29
Radiohead Present Tense A Moon Shaped Pool XL 00:24:46
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions Let Me Get There (feat. Kurt Vile) Until The Hunter Tendril Tales 00:29:24
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree Skeleton Tree Bad Seed Ltd. 00:36:46
Julianna Barwick Beached Will Dead Oceans 00:40:43
Mary Lattimore The Quiet At Night At The Dam Ghostly Intl. 00:44:48
Huerco S. The Sacred Dance For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) Proibito 00:48:48
Segue Sunshine Coast Over The Mountains Silent Season 00:54:35
Yagya Crepuscular Rays Over The Horizon Stars And Dust Delsin 00:59:55
Cavern Of Anti-Matter Melody In High Feedback Tones Void Beats/Invocation Trex Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks 01:05:40
David Bowie I Cant Give Everything Away Blackstar Columbia 01:09:28
Gold Panda In My Car Good Luck And Do Your Best City Slang 01:15:01
Adrian Younge La Ballade Something About April II Linear Labs 01:19:25
Bibio Town & Country A Mineral Love Warp 01:22:13
Moomin Time To Reflect A Minor Thought Smallville 01:26:05
Christopher Rau Yamato Yamato Smallville 01:31:15
Janeret Air (Original Mix) Space Conquest Berg Audio 01:38:00
Rising Sun A Path The Lamentations Of Rising Sun Fauxpas Music 01:45:45
Maricopa The Call of the Plains This Was Years Ago La Luna 01:51:20
36 Room 7 The Infinity Room A Strangely Isolated Place 01:55:07

03 december 16

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Car Seat Headrest Vincent Teens of Denial Matador 00:01:29
Radiohead Ful Stop A Moon Shaped Pool XL 00:09:05
The Radio Dept. Sloboda Narodu Running Out of Love Labrador 00:15:04
A Tribe Called Quest Whateva Will Be We Got It From Here..Thank You 4 Your Service Epic 00:18:11
Massive Attack (ft. Roots Manuva) Dead Editors Ritual Spirit EP Virgin 00:21:04
Burial Nightmarket Young Death / Nightmarket Hyperdub 00:25:21
The Orb Alpine Evening Apline Kompakt 00:32:33
Mark Pritchard Cycles of 9 Under the Sun Warp 00:39:27
36 Room 3 The Infinity Room A Strangely Isolated Place 00:43:21
Assembled Minds Mirror Dances Creaking Haze & Other Rave Ghosts Patterened Air 00:49:12
Odd Nosdam Sisters (Boards of Canada Remix) Sisters Leaving 00:54:02
Youandewan Waiting for L There is No Right Time Aus Music 00:57:22
The Caretaker An Autumnal Equinox Everywhere at the End of Time History Always Favours The Winners 01:02:16
Matthewdavids Mindflight Unfolding Atlantis Trust the Guide and Glide Leaving 01:05:00
Carlos Nino & Friends (ft. Lasos) Jupiter Sings Flutes, Echoes, Its All Happening Leaving 01:17:49
Oliver Coates Innocent Love Upstepping PRAH 01:21:12
Segue Deep Valley Over the Mountains Silent Season 01:28:25
Yagya Substorms on a Winter Night Stars and Dust Delsin 01:34:30
Christian Loffler Lid Mare Ki Records 01:39:10
Underworld Ova Nova Barbara Barbara, We Face a Shining Future Astralwerks 01:44:10
Moomin Stotheh A Minor Thought Smallville 01:49:34

12 november 16

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Christian Loffler The Great White Open Mare Ki Records 00:01:35
Jonson Autumnbits 2 Chiplandschaften Mikrolux 00:04:34
Aesop Rock Get Out Of The Car The Impossible Kid Rhymesayers Entertainment 00:07:18
The Radio Dept. Thieves Of State Running Out Of Love Labrador 00:09:10
Netsky Feat. Beth Ditto Running Low Running Low Hospital Records 00:10:20
Caspa & Rusko Ravers Tears #savefabric Compilation Houndstooth / Fabric Records 00:13:30
Layup Black Gap Black Gap Body Control Records 00:16:27
Brassica Dance (feat. Stuart Warwick) Man Is Deaf Civil Music 00:21:10
Youandewan 10405 (Alice) There Is No Right Time Aus Music 00:25:32
The XX On Hold On Hold Young Turks 00:31:04
Haelos Separate Lives Full Circle Matador 00:34:40
Mr. Oizo & Skrillex End Of The World (Instrumental) All Wet Ed Banger Records 00:38:50
Alex Newell This Ain't Over Power EP Big Beat 00:41:19
Alias & Tarsier Rising Sun Brookland / Oaklyn Anticon 00:44:42
Bleubird Motivationally Speaking RIP U$A (The Bird Fleu) Endemik Music 00:49:16
NehruvianDOOM Darkness (HBU) NehruvianDOOM Lex Records 00:50:14
Robert Babicz We Fly To The End Of The World A Moment Of Loud Silence Traum Schallplatten 00:54:20

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