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14 february 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Volor Flex Days End Blowing Smoke Apollo 00:01:38
Arovane + Hior Chronik We Just Scratched The Surface Into My Own A Strangely Isolated Place 00:05:38
Teams + Noah + Repeat Pattern Chawan No Naka Kwaidan Flau 00:08:56
Noah Unspoken Sivutie Flau 00:13:46
Mikron Marble Cross Severance Central Processing Unit 00:18:05
Recue Himanka Foundations Dewtone Recordings 00:22:42
Joy O 81b 81b Hinge Finger 00:27:08
Yone B Early Bird Optical Path Dewtone Recordings 00:33:11
Higher Intelligence Agency + Biosphere Countdown To Darkness Polar Sequences Biophon 00:37:34
Our Lady Of The Flowers Quantum Prayer - One Holiday In Thule 13 00:43:48
Laurence Guy W.L.Y.B. Kojak Church 00:48:37
Body-San Topaz Chalice Pacific Reasons Lo Recordings 00:54:22
DJ Koze Seeing Aliens Seeing Aliens Pampa 01:00:27
Peggy Gou Han Jan Once Ninja Tune 01:04:37
Frantzvaag Goodbye Fuck Reality 05 Fuck Reality 01:10:34
Moomin Concrete Concrete Grounds Closer 01:18:02
Lawrence Clouds And Arrows Yoyogi Park Mule Musiq 01:24:30
Luke Hess Transform Light In The Dark Echocord 01:31:14
Molly Fire Waves Giegling 01:35:23
Sunrise Society Astral Travel Pacific Records: The First Wave Pacific Records 01:41:16
Aleksi Perälä NL-L56-18-07442 Sunshine 3 Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB) 01:47:33

20 january 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Christian Kleine Promise Electronic Music From The Lost World: 1998​-​2001 A Strangely Isolated Place 00:01:37
Lone Pulsar Ambivert Tools Volume Four R&S Records 00:06:34
Tirzah Holding On Devotion Domino 00:13:58
Krystal Klear Division Ave. Division Running Back 00:17:07
Actress X London Contemporary Orchestra Hubble LAGEOS Ninja Tune 00:21:03
Jac The Disco Inversions (Original Mix) Inversions Roam Recordings 00:25:15
Takecha Step For Mood Deep Soundscapes Love Potion 00:33:13
Skee Mask Dial 274 Compro Illian Tape 00:38:08
Extrawelt Ort Und Impuls Unknown Cocoon Recordings 00:44:43
X-Altera Pasco Richey Tiger X-Altera Ghostly 00:49:37
Ross From Friends The Knife Family Portrait Brainfeeder 00:56:41
The Third Eye Foundation Procession For Eric Wake The Dead Ici D Ailleurs 00:59:45
Djrum Creature Pt. 2 Portrait With Firewood R&S Records 01:06:00
Low Always Up Double Negative Sub Pop 01:11:38
Thom Yorke Unmade Suspiria XL Recordings 01:16:38
Beach House Black Car 7 Sub Pop 01:20:25
Sei A Suspended Smoke Will Saul-Inside Out Aus Music 01:24:06
Mary Lattimore Never Saw Him Again Hundreds Of Days Ghostly 01:26:14
Mazzy Star Quiet, The Winter Harbor Still Rhymes Of An Hour Records 01:33:13
Sarah Davachi Buhrstone Let Night Come On Bells End The Day Recital 01:36:53
Chihei Hatakeyama Cluster Amaryllis Journey To The End Of August Hidden Vibes 01:40:45
Khruangbin Como Me Quieres Con Todo El Mundo Night Time Stories 01:44:14
Soccer Mommy Your Dog Clean Fat Possum Records 01:47:35
Snail Mail Speaking Terms Lush Matador 01:50:26
Amen Dunes Miki Dora Freedom Sacred Bones Records 01:54:12
Twin Shadow Saturdays (feat. HAIM) Caer Reprise 01:58:58
Maribou State Slow Heat (feat. Holly Walker) Kingdoms In Colour Counter Records 02:02:13
El Ten Eleven Reverie Bankers Hill Bar Non Records 02:06:05

23 october 18

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Maribou State Slow Heat (feat. Holly Walker) Slow Heat Counter Records 00:01:31
Cats Eyes Girl in the Room Treasure House Raf 00:05:50
Spiritualized Lets Dance And Nothing Hurt Fat Possum 00:09:17
Beak> RSI >>> Temporary Residence 00:14:21
As If Focus Presence BineMusic 00:17:42
Synkro & Arovane Facing North Refractive (Index) Apollo 00:24:35
Deerhunter Strangs Glacier Double Dream of Spring 4AD 00:29:14
Aphex Twin 1st 44 Collapse EP Warp 00:34:35
Djrum Blue Violet Portrait with Firewood R&S 00:40:34
Autechre six of eight (midst) NTS Sessions 1-4 Warp 00:49:10
DJ Python Yo Ran (Do) Dulce Compania Incienso 00:57:50
Matthew Dear Bad Ones (feat. Tegan & Sara) Bunny Ghostly International 01:05:38
The Field Who Goes There Infinite Moment Kompakt 01:09:56
Tirzah Do You Know Devotion Domino 01:18:41
Tor Two Suns Blue Book Loci 01:22:18
Sudan Archives Nont for Sale Sink Stones Throw 01:26:37
Equiknoxx Sent for Ducklings, Got Ducks Colon Man DDS 01:30:16
Deepchord Immersion II Immersions Astral Industries 01:33:51
Gas Rausch 7 Rausch Kompakt 01:50:46
Daviel Avery Quck Eternity (Four Tet Remix) Quick Eternity Phantasy Sound 01:56:53

23 september 18

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Teebs Your Favorite Weekday Collections Brainfeeder 00:01:31
Sleepdealer Rolling Papers Yerba Self-Released 00:02:59
Bsd.u Chronotrigger Reflections Pt.1 Self-Released 00:04:52
MelloWolf Piano Loop Just Another Beat Tape Self-Released 00:06:15
Leon Vynehall Envelopes (Chapter VI) Nothing Is Still Ninja Tune 00:08:56
The Future Sound Of London Dead Skin Cells Lifeforms Virgin 00:11:57
Urban Tribe Peacemakers The Collapse Of Modern Culture Mo Wax 00:17:13
Psyche Galaxy Elements 1989-1990 Planet E 00:22:39
Djrum Sex Portrait With Firewood R&S Records 00:29:06
Yves Tumor Honesty Safe In The Hands Of Love Warp 00:38:14
Tirzah Gladly Devotion Domino 00:43:03
HTRK More To Enjoy Drama Self-Released 00:46:25
Helios Eventually Veriditas Ghostly 00:50:10
The Fires Of Ork Sky Lounge The Fires Of Ork 2 Biophon 00:53:50
Skee Mask Session Add Compro Ilian Tape 01:02:02
X-Altera In My Life X-Altera Ghostly 01:08:29
Aphex Twin T69 Collapse Collapse Warp 01:13:43
The Black Dog Solipsism Post-Truth Dust Science Recordings 01:19:10
Shinichi Atobe Heat 1 Heat DDS 01:22:23
Mandar String Theory String Theory Oscillat Music 01:32:25
You Speak What I Feel My Good Friends Tell Me That My Good Friends Tell Me That Boomkat Editions 01:41:41
Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko When The Night Comes 28 FatCat 01:48:12
Matrix Millieux Various Films Chain Reaction 01:55:50
Gramm St. Moritz Personal Rock Source Records 02:01:17

23 august 18

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Little Dragon Come Home Machine Dreams Peacefrog Records 00:01:36
Space Dimension Controller Everything Is Better Now Gaining Time Dekmantel 00:05:25
Krystal Klear Division Ave The Division Running Back 00:18:00
Lord Of The Isles Cryptolove Needs 003 Needs - Not For Profit 00:22:18
Mario Basanov Like A Child (Featuring Athena Radford) Journey Needwant Recordings 00:25:15
Underworld & Iggy Pop I'll See Big Teatime Dub Encounters Caroline International 00:29:53
Outputmessage Dust The Infinite Void Output Noise Records 00:34:09
Snake Letter Sexy Windows Head Words and Wish Reals Mareld 00:39:00
Craig David Magic (Just Kiddin Remix) Magic (Just Kiddin Remix) Speakerbox 00:42:45
Jimmy Edgar Feat. Dawn Richard Burn So Deep (Ross From Friends Remix) Burn So Deep (Remixes) Big Beat 00:47:10
Borussia Rossetto Se Vuoi Ballare Ed Banger Records 00:52:52
Monika Kruse With Hindsight (Featuring Nick Maurer) Traces Terminal M 00:57:40
The Presets Downtown Shutdown Hi Viz EMI 01:02:40
Chinaski Totleben Unruhe OMNIDISC 01:07:47
The Artificial Arm Go Back In Time Nu Electro Volume 2 Street Sounds 01:12:25
Fort Romeau Theo Kingdoms 100% Silk 01:15:27
Upsammy A Window Another Place Nous'klaer Audio 01:20:57
Banco De Gaia Harvey And The Old Ones The Magical Sounds Of Banco De Gaia Disco Gecko 01:24:30
Leftfield Song Of Life Leftism Hard Hands 01:31:01
The Future Sound Of London Central Industrial Accelerator Jumpin' & Pumpin' 01:37:57
The KLF Witchita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard Chill Out KLF Communications 01:42:09
Robin Guthrie Sparkle Carousel Rocket Girl / Darla Records 01:48:00
Andrew W.K. Total Freedom You're Not Alone RED MUSIC 01:50:13
Hyetal TXRX Run From The Light Other/Other Recordings 01:53:52
Bitwise Operator mrT35 Unreleased 01:58:04
Thomas Fehlmann Kufi & Nashi Good Fridge. Flowing: Ninezeronineight. Apollo 02:01:19
Hallucinogen L.S.D. (World Sheet Of Closed String Mix) In Dub Twisted Records 02:02:38
Autechre Bike Incunabula Warp Records 02:11:00
Marumari Rocket Summer Supermogadon Carpark Records 02:18:22
Professor Trance & The Energisers Emanjah Shaman's Breath Island Records 02:22:50
Ross From Friends Champagne Champagne Molten Jets 02:26:44
Primal Scream Loaded Screamadelica Creation Records 02:34:20
Lola Kite Energy Could Be Our Closest Friend I Start To Believe You Excelsior Recordings 02:41:09
Massive Attack Five Man Army Blue Lines Wild Bunch Records 02:44:22
NO DEATH On And On Angel Tech Dream Catalogue 02:50:23
Jean Tonique Home Well Mannered Frivolity TONIQUE Records 03:03:00

04 july 18

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Ametsub From the Mountain Mbira Lights 1 nothings66 00:01:28
DJ Koze Pick Up knock knock Pampa 00:07:39
The Orb Doughnuts Forever No Sounds Are Out of Bounds Cooking Vinyl 00:14:09
Gang Gang Dance Lotus Kazuashita 4AD 00:17:25
Snail Mail Lets Find Out Lush Matador 00:22:16
Amen Dunes Freedom Freedom Sacred Bones 00:24:21
Pax They Wildflower Paxico 00:28:18
Skee Mask Session Add Compro Ilian Tape 00:31:57
Martyn Voids Two Voids Ostgut Ton 00:37:59
Kaito Dear Friends Until the End of Time Kompakt 00:43:36
Underworld & Iggy Pop Bells and Circles Bells and Circles Caroline 00:49:00
Daphni Tin Joli Mai Jiaolong 00:56:11
Ross From Friends Romeo Romeo The Outsiders Magicwire 01:00:37
Lali Puna Birds Flying High Two Windows Morr Music 01:08:01
Normal Ones Cirque Du Freque (Uskmatu Dub) Cirque Du Freque Make Mistakes 01:12:19
Jon Hopkins Luminous Beings Singularity Domino 01:16:43
Transformations Bona Fide Pt 2 Bona Fide Vibrant Music 01:28:15
Tor Vaults Blue Book Loci 01:38:07
Mary Lattimore Never Saw Him Again Hundreds of Days Ghostly International 01:47:57
Poppy Ackroyd The Calm Before Resolve One Little Indian 01:49:20
Mark Pritchard The Arched Window The Four Worlds Warp 01:54:56
Nils Frahm My Friend the Forest All Melody Erased Tapes 01:57:37
36 Luxx Circuit Bloom 3six 02:02:36
Second Woman 400425cc2 Second Woman Spectrum Spools 02:06:52
Autechre carefree counter dronal NTS Sessions 1-4 Warp 02:09:37
Actress X London Contemporary Orchestra Surfers Hymn LAGEOS Ninja Tune 02:16:22

01 june 18

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Skee Mask Rev8617 Compro Ilian Tape 00:01:34
Daedelus Cast On Out Taut Dome Of Doom 00:05:55
Prefuse 73 Her Desire Is To Be Left Alone Sacrifices Lex 00:09:36
The Advisory Circle A Mechanical Eye Ways Of Seeing Ghost Box 00:11:45
Chromatics At Your Door Cherry Italians Do It Better 00:13:44
Mt. Si 911 911 Cascine 00:17:57
Grimes REALiTi (demo) REALiTi Self-Released 00:22:06
The Galleria Mezzanine (feat. Jessy Lanza) Calling Card / Mezzanine Environ 00:25:37
Maria Usbeck Bosque De Bambú Bosque De Bambú Cascine 00:29:43
Stereolab Silver Sands (Emperor Machine Mix) Not Music Drag City 00:32:19
Peaking Lights In My Disguise The Fifth State Of Consciousness Two Flowers Records 00:42:18
Klaus Johann Grobe Pure Fantasie Spagat der Liebe Trouble In Mind 00:46:55
Cavern Of Anti-Matter Phase Modulation Shuffle Hormone Lemonade Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks 00:50:25
The Radio Dept. Your True Name Your True Name Just So! 00:56:03
Beach House Dive 7 Sub Pop 00:59:38
Yo La Tengo Ashes Theres A Riot Going On Matador 01:03:26
Beautify Junkyards Claridade The Invisible World Of Beautify Junkyards Ghost Box 01:06:25
Adrian Younge Heavens Found Adrian Younge presents: Voices of Gemma Linear Labs 01:09:44
Cornelius In A Dream Mellow Waves Rostrum Records 01:12:13
The Sea And Cake Occurs Any Day Thrill Jockey 01:15:33
Snail Mail Heat Wave Lush Matador 01:19:42
Soccer Mommy Your Dog Clean Fat Possum Records 01:24:21
My Bloody Valentine Sometimes Loveless Creation 01:27:13
Alexandre Navarro My Life In Exctasy Foundations Dewtone Recordings 01:32:17
Gacha Bakradze The Prayer Word Color Lapsus Records 01:39:09
Fennesz Tom Station One Touch 01:45:43
Grouper Parking Lot Grid Of Points Kranky 01:48:52
36 Changing Faces (Static Places) Circuit Bloom 3six Recordings 01:51:35
Hiroto Kudo Contrail Hypnotism Self-Released 01:55:00
Takecha Low Sentiment Deep Soundscapes Love Potion 01:58:07
Dabrye Honey Three/Three Ghostly 02:03:22
Onra 4U Nobody Has To Know All City Records 02:06:20
Moomin Maybe Tomorrow Yesterdays Tomorrow Wolf Music Recordings 02:08:40
Nujabes Worlds End Rhapsody Modal Soul Libyus Music 02:14:05

06 may 18

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Joey Fehrenbach Wolves (Recue Remix) Fear of Falling (Remixes) DT Music USA 00:01:35
Hello Meteor Is That Someone There? Causality Violations Kill All Music 00:05:14
Sei A Suspended Smoke Will Saul ‎– Inside Out Aus Music 00:07:16
Ada Lovestoned (Gui Boratto Mix) Lovestoned Remixe Kompakt 00:09:40
Modjo What I Mean (The Crayon Remix by Aloud) What I Mean Sound Of Barclay 00:16:35
Ross From Friends March Aphelion EP Brainfeeder 00:20:30
Bicep Rain Bicep Ninja Tune 00:26:48
Sleep D & Albrecht La'Brooy After The Rain After The Rain Analogue Attic 00:31:48
LK Devotion To Beautiful Feelin' Pt​.​1 Shall Not Fade 00:36:35
Jeigo Pearl Leaf VALBY 004 Valby Rotary 00:47:00
Tempelhof & Gigi Masin Corner Song (Jex Opolis Remix) Corner Song Hell Yeah Recordings 00:53:06
Fab Mayday Me Africa Porn Wax Ten Porn Wax 01:01:00
Ruxpin So Far It Is Fields Of View Sun Sea Sky Productions 01:04:26
Brainwaltzera Vodiga Modeselektion Vol. 04 Monkeytown Records 01:08:27
Crooked Man Echo Loves Narcissus (Part 1) Echo Loves Narcissus DFA 01:12:19
Frankie Knuckles Your Love Baby Wants To Ride / Your Love Trax Records 01:18:04
Coyote Clean Up Bedtime Blizzard (2nite Dub) Frozen Solid 100% Silk 01:24:40
Brynjolfur Fluxx Luminous EP Natura Sonoris 01:33:25
O'Flynn Desmond's Empire Tyrion / Desmond's Empire Blip Discs 01:40:39
Teengirl Fantasy Telepaths 8AM Planet Mu 01:45:00
Komon & Will Saul Positive Will Saul ‎– Inside Out Aus Music 01:49:00
The Cyclist Sapa Inca Delirium Sapa Inca Delirium Hypercolour 01:52:40

02 april 18

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Ryuichi Sakamoto andata (Electric Youth Remix) async - Remodels Commmons 00:01:30
Lali Puna Wonderland Two Windows Morr Music 00:07:10
Sylvan Esso Just Dancing What Now Loma Vista Recordings 00:11:01
Matthew Dear Modafinil Blues Modafinil Blues Ghostly International 00:15:25
Nightmares on Wax On It Maestro Shape the Future Warp 00:20:17
Kaytranada Despite the Weather 99.9 Percent XL 00:24:23
Four Tet LA Trance New Energy Text 00:26:12
Kllo Virtue Backwater Ghostly International 00:31:34
Mouse on Mars Parliment of Alients Part II Dimensional People Thrill Jockey 00:35:12
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith A Kid The Kid Western Vinyl 00:39:16
Nils Frahm My Friend the Forest All Melody Erased Tapes 00:44:18
The Third Eye Foundation The Blasted Tower Wake the Dead Ici D'Ailleurs 00:49:00
Yo La Tengo Shortwave Theres a Riot Going On Matador 00:55:37
Visible Cloaks Circle Reassemblage RVNG INTL 01:01:00
Deradoorian Return-Transcend Eternal Recurrance Anticon 01:04:18
36 Black Halcyon Black Soma 3six 01:12:15
Alva Noto Uni Normal Unieqav Noton 01:18:45
Bjork Arisen My Senses (Kelly Lee Owens Remix) Arisen My Senses One Little Indian 01:22:58
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Bosses Hang Luciferian Towers Constellation 01:28:00
Jonny Greenwood Tree Synthesisers You Were Never Really Here OST Lakeshore 01:24:28
Mark Pritchard feat. The Space Lady S.O.S. The Four Worlds Warp 01:46:29
Moire Opium No Future Ghostly International 01:49:27
Porter Ricks Shoal Beat Anguilla Electrica Tresor 01:55:08

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