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05 january 13

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Christian Kleine Guitar Interrupt Beyond Repair City Centre Offices 00:01:34
Helios Caera Remixed Unseen Records 00:05:50
Lars Leonhard Glideslope 1549 BineMusic 00:10:38
Martin Schulte Restoration Slow Beauty Lantern 00:16:28
Legowelt Elements Of Houz Music The Paranormal Soul Clone 00:22:45
Julius Steinhoff So Glad So Glad Smallville Records 00:28:10
Miwon Brother Mole (John Tejada Remix) Brother Mole EP City Centre Offices 00:35:27
Sensate Focus X Sensate Focus 2.5 Sensate Focus 00:41:30
NHK'Koyxen 703 Dance Classics Vol. II Pan 00:50:37
Nina Kraviz Turn On The Radio Nina Kraviz Rekids 00:54:24
Marconi Union Lost In Neon Tokyo BineMusic 00:58:00
Sasse The Solaris Conspiracy (King Roc Remix) The Solaris Conspiracy The Exquisite Pain Recordings 01:01:48
Burial Rough Sleeper Truant / Rough Sleeper Hyperdub 01:07:13
Indigo Azha Celestial EP Apollo 01:19:50
Human Mesh Dance Signs Of Life Hyaline Instinct Records 01:25:50
Bvdub All Is Forgiven All Is Forgiven n5MD 01:31:00
James Zabiela The Healing The Healing Born Electric 01:49:23
Teen Daze The Future All Of Us, Together Lefse Records 01:53:48