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11 february 12

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Shlohmo Wen Uuu Vacation EP Friends of Friends 00:01:33
Floating Points Myrtle Avenue Shadows EP Eglo Records 00:05:40
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters Rosen Im Asphalt Underrated Silence Bureau B 00:15:03
Superpitcher Jackson Pop Ambient 2012 Kompakt 00:19:09
Air Seven Stars Le Voyage Dans La Lune EMI 00:25:01
Airbird Rotating Cloud City Vs Mountains Software Records 00:29:00
Bochum Welt Star Cluster Martians And Spaceships! Fuzzy Box 00:36:59
General Electrics Terms And Conditions Apply Cliquety Kliqk Quannum Projects 00:40:04
The Sound Of Arrows Conquest Voyage Skies Above 00:44:28
Machine Drum Are I (Xela Soul In The Machine Mix) Half The Battle Merck 00:47:12
Tropics Emerald Nautical Clamor Self-Released 00:53:00
Porcelain Raft Put Me To Sleep Strange Weekend Secretly Canadian 00:57:53
Guitar House Full of Time Sunkissed Morr Music 01:01:30
Obfusc Delayed Sunshine Reaction Cities Of Cedar Boltfish Recordings 01:06:10
Sinner DC Alice Arkle Parkle Avenue Tritone (UK) 01:10:50
Bullion Say Arr Ee Say Arr Ee R & S Records 01:16:21
Dave Monolith My Nunk Welcome Rephlex 01:20:45
Moon Wiring Club Tiffin Time Shoes Off And Chairs Away Gecophonic Audio Systems 01:23:00
Hype Williams Break4love One Nation Hippos In Tanks 01:24:42
Jonti Nagoya Train Station 3AM Sine & Moon (The Album) Stones Throw Records 01:27:00
Ango Love Me Another City Now LuckyMe 01:29:12
Jacques Greene Flatline Concealer Vase 01:32:50
Andres Baby Andres III Mahogani Music 01:37:35
Moodymann Don't You Want My Love Forevernevermore Peacefrog Records 01:39:50
Oneohtrix Point Never Sleep Dealer Replica Mexican Summer / Software Records 01:43:26
Windy & Carl The Smell Of Old Books We Will Always Be Kranky 01:46:54
The Boats The Ballad for the Girl On the Moon Ballads of the Research Department 12k 01:53:10