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11 march 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Sven Weisemann Cascading Lights Separate Paths Delsin 00:01:37
Christian Kleine Disintegrated Stokes Self-Released 00:07:47
Arovane Lenc/Crade Radius 2 Self-Released 00:13:05
Synkro Transition Disquiet Vol. 1 Unseen 00:19:16
S.A.M. Out Of Touch Dream State Of A Bellmaker Delaphine 00:24:27
Edward Untitled Planet Giegling Giegling 00:32:43
Kyle Hall Mysterious Lake From Joy Wild Oats 00:39:47
Youandewan Sofa Surfa Pinger Eclipser Chaser 00:46:26
Lord RAJA Butterfly On A Jet Para Ghostly 00:52:48