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02 march 18

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
DJ Krush + Toshinori Kondo Bu-Seki Ki-Oku Apollo 00:01:40
DJ Shadow Changeling / Transmission 1 Endtroducing..... Mo Wax 00:06:07
Nightmares On Wax Capumcap Carboot Soul Warp 00:12:37
Nujabes The Sign (feat. Phase Rock) Modal Soul Libyus Music 00:17:04
A Tribe Called Quest Electric Relaxation Midnight Marauders Jive 00:21:08
Plaid Kortisin Not For Threes Warp 00:24:56
Bola W.I.K. Soup Skam 00:29:27
Tournesol Holy Cow Kokotsu Apollo 00:34:30
RAC Doublejointed (2) Doublejointed EP Warp 00:43:20
CiM Empty Reference deFocus 00:49:25
Donato Wharton Debris D Avril Trabanten City Centre Offices 00:51:25
Move D Beyond The Machine Kunststoff Source Records 00:55:46
Christian Kleine Computer Error Electronic Music From The Lost World: 1998​-​2001 A Strangely Isolated Place 01:01:03
Biopshere Patashnik Patashnik Biophon Records 01:07:30
Arovane Nacrath Icol Diston DIN 01:13:11
B12 Hall Of Mirrors Electro-Soma Warp 01:18:23
Gimmik 6 Wavefiles Neurokinetic Toytronic 01:24:38
Rapoon Lotus Dream Circle DOVe 01:29:25
Cabaret Voltaire The Heat The Conversation Apollo 01:32:29
Pete Moss Plenty O Time Softshoe EP Ovum Recordings 01:39:38
Model 500 I Wanna Be There (Edit) Deep Space R & S Records 01:45:40
Drexciya Birth Of New Life Harnessed The Storm Tresor 01:48:16
Sun Electric Stimpak Present Apollo 01:54:38
Pub Overcome Do You Ever Regret Pantomime? Ampoule 01:58:20
Daniel Avery Slow Fade Slow Fade EP Phantasy Sound 02:08:54
Christian Kleine Enigmatic Sunday Illusion Self-Released 02:13:12
Speedy J De-Orbit Ginger Warp 02:17:53