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16 april 11

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
J-Rocc Chasing the Sun Some Cold Rock Stuf Stones Throw 00:01:33
Trebles and Blues The Tempo The Blue Note Self-Released 00:05:52
Taylor McFerrin Done For Place in my Heart Brainfeeder 00:07:35
Exile Dawn of the Nothing All City L.A. Series #10 All City Records 00:10:12
Maker Realization Make vs. Now Again Now-Again Records 00:12:07
DJ Design Thang Gather Round Stones Throw 00:15:18
Mono/Poly Forest Dark Manifestations EP Brainfeeder 00:18:04
Take If We Don't All Go Insane (Mux Mool Remix) Only Mountain: The Remixes Alpha Pup Records 00:24:00
James Pants Dreamboat Love Kraft Stones Throw 00:27:15
Actress Harrier Attk Harrier Attk / Gershwin Single Nonplus Records 00:29:55
Matthewdavid International feat. Dogbite Outmind Brainfeeder 00:36:00
yuk. Shining A D W A My Hollow Drum 00:38:28
Bibio Mind Bokeh Mind Bokeh Warp 00:40:20
Carlos Nino & Friends Comet of Colored Threads High With a Little Help From Kindred Spirits 00:42:45
Forest Swords If Your Girl Dagger Paths Olde English Spelling Bee 00:47:00
Sumsun Call It Home Samo Milagro Leaving Records 00:52:00
Hard Mix Memories Singles Self-Released 00:55:36
London Elektricity Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm (feat. Elsa Esmeralda) Yikes Hospital Records 00:59:16
TV On The Radio You Nine Types of Light Interscope 01:02:32
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro Undelivered Letter (Daedelus Remix feat. Computer Jay) Caliventura (Remixes) Tru Thoughts 01:06:23
Montgomery Clunk Sink the Clunkmobile Superbus EP Error Broadcast 01:10:22
Wagon Christ Chunkothy Toomorrow Ninja Tune 01:13:28
Instra:Mental Waterfalls Resolution 653 Nonplus Records 01:17:24
nsi. Sync 21 Sync Non Standard Productions 01:21:00
2562 Juxtaposed Fever When In Doubt 01:23:26
Julio Bashmore Ribble To Amazon Batty Knee Dance EP 3024 01:28:15
Four Tet Pinnacles Pinnacles / Ye Ye Text Records 01:33:13
Grimes Vanessa Darkbloom Hippos In Tanks 01:41:00
Panda Bear Alsatian Darn Tomboy Paw Tracks 01:46:06
Jacques Greene Another Girl Another Girl LuckyMe 01:50:12