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18 april 06

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Ascona Beat Oracle Theme
Kid Loco Flyin' on a 747 DJ Kicks -- Exclusives Studio K7
Backyard Bangers Makossa #3 Scion CD Vol. 7
Prefuse 73 Matrimoniods Security Screenings Warp
Quasimoto Raw Deal The Further Adventures of Lord Quas Stones Throw
Aesop Rock NY Electric Bazooka Tooth Def Jux
Ghostface Killah ft Wu Tang Clan 9 Mill Bros. Fishscale Def Jam
Takagi Masakatsu Birdland Journal for People Carpark
Mark Ronson Just Exit Music: Songs for Radioheads BBE
Clipse Drop It Like Its Hot (Les Bitches Remix) Internet
Spank Rock ft Amanda Blank Blow B-More Gutter Music EP Milk Crate
Bonde Do Role Melo Do Tabaco (A-Trak Remix)
Cat Power Free (Diplo Edit) Fabric 24 Fabric
Money Mark Destroyer Push the Button Mo'Wax
Tortoise Dear Grandma and Grandpa Millions Now Living Will Never Die Thrill Jockey
Stars of the Lid Jan 69 Gravitational Pull vs The Desire for an Aquatic Life Kranky
Squarepusher Dimotane Co Feed Me Weird Things Rephlex
Bogdan Raczynski I Saw You, With Your Heart, Looking At Me Thinking of You Rephlex
Cepia Hoarse Idol Tryouts Two Ghostly International
Funckarma vs Koolfonk Lisa (Funckarma Remix) Refurbished One n5MD
The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination Mad Filla Deliver the Weird! Ninja Tune
Superpitcher People Here Comes Love Kompakt
Plus Device Compose the Beat History Is Bunk Hefty
Tom Middleton You Don't Know Me Weekend Warmup
Lost Weight I Know 4am Eternal
People Like Us Sugar & Splice 4am Eternal
Herbert The Movers and Shakers Scale !k7
Voom Voom Baby3 Peng Peng !k7
Mum Faraway Swimming Pool Finally We Are No One Fat Cat
Electric President Snow on the Dead Neighborhoods Electric President Morr