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17 may 14

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Scuba Time Relentless Time Phenix 1 Hotflush Recordings 00:01:34
Jonas Rathsman Hope I'm Wrong Hope I'm Wrong French Express 00:04:40
Matt Karmil So You Say (Dirty Tape Heads Mix) So You Say Beats In Space Records 00:10:01
Shur-I-Kan Away Precious Things EP Lazy Days Music 00:15:25
Jamie XX Girl Girl / Sleep Sound Young Turks 00:20:53
Henry Saiz & Pional Uroboros Uroboros Permanent Vacation 00:25:13
Solvent King Vincent New Ways - Music From The Documentary ""I Dream Of Wires"" Suction Records 00:31:50
Serph Azul Vent Midi Creative / Noble 00:37:35
Sven Weisemann Falling Leaves Falling Leaves Fauxpas Musik 00:42:28
Pass Into Silence Sakura Calm Like A Millpond Kompakt 00:49:20
kidkanevil Earth To G San (Feat. Tetsuya Hikita) My Little Ghost flau ‎/ Project: Mooncircle 00:56:26
Autechre SYptixed Bleep: 10 Bleep 00:59:00
Kyoka New Energy Shuffle Is (Is Superpowered) Raster-Noton 01:06:27
Scanner Singing In Clay Electronic Garden BineMusic 01:11:21
Christian Löffler Notes Young Alaska Ki Records 01:17:04
Edit Select Survivors Of The Pulse (Feat. Dino Sabatini) Phlox Prologue 01:23:50
Bunny Chalk (Dale Howard Remix) Chalk Remix EP Avotre 01:29:30
Millie & Andrea Spectral Source Drop The Vowels Modern Love 01:35:31
Mike Parker Lustration Five (息) Lustrations Prologue 01:42:00
Donato Dozzy Terzo Giorno Terzo Giorno Stroboscopic Artefacts 01:49:00