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18 may 19

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Bitstream Crab Nebula Crab Nebula City Centre Offices 00:01:35
Erlend Øye Ghost Trains Unrest Source 00:06:13
Gerry Read Itll All Be Over (DJ Koze Remix) Itll All Be Over Pampa 00:10:24
Boy Robot My Hearts Still Beating Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle City Centre Offices 00:13:26
B. Fleischmann + Ms. John Soda Here She Comes Blue Skied An Clear Morr Music 00:19:06
Lena Raine Tsukuyomi Oneknowing Local Action 00:23:15
Manual Lunate Until Tomorrow Morr Music 00:26:42
Yasume Slowly, Clearly and Calmly Where We Are From The Birds Sing A Pretty Song City Centre Offices 00:31:07
Future 3 Reverberate Like... April Records 00:36:21
Opiate Amstel Sometimes Morr Music 00:40:53
Solvent A Panel Of Experts Solvent City Morr Music 00:45:36
Christian Kleine Quadriga Minus Time City Centre Offices 00:50:26
Dub Tractor Faster Hideout City Centre Offices 00:56:11
People Press Play Hanging On People Press Play Morr Music 01:00:24
Com Truise Privilege Escalation Persuasion System Ghostly International 01:03:24
Saine + Smith Stockholm At Its Finest (feat. Uncle Noel) Dirty Games 2MR 01:09:12
The Radio Dept. Going Down Swinging Going Down Swinging Just So! 01:14:28
Rising Sun Rewind Realism Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine 01:18:39
Tim Hecker Step Away From Konoyo Anoyo Kranky 01:25:23
Fennesz We Trigger The Sun Agora Touch 01:29:49
System Plus Plus Morr Music 01:39:51
Smallpeople Afterglow Afterglow Smallville 01:49:35
Yagya Stormur Eitt Stormur A Stangely Isolated Place 01:55:50