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19 may 12

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Deadbeat + Danuel Tate – Lazy Jane Deadbeat + Danuel Tate Lazy Jane Lazy Jane BLKRTZ 00:01:36
Brackles Never Coming Down (feat. Lily McKenzie) Rinse: Presents Brackles Rinse 00:07:25
Clue Kid Evolution Tectonic Plates Volume 3 Tectonic 00:12:10
Photek + Pinch Acid Reign (Pinch's Dubplate Version) Acid Reign / M25FM Photek Productions 00:17:20
Komonazmuk Chameleon Komonazmuk H.E.N.C.H Recordings 00:22:10
Gatekeeper Atmosphere Processor Atmosphere Processor / Let Us In Apple Pips 00:27:20
Claro Intelecto It's Getting Late Reform Club Delsin 00:32:10
Andrés New For U New For U La Vida 00:38:12
Ruckus Roboticus Take Me to a Disco (Extended Version) Take Me to a Disco Dance Or Die Records 00:43:50
Christopher Rau Rabulism Just Love Baby... Thema 00:47:45
Luke Hess Believe & Receive (Shedsdeepanddubbydub Remix) Kontra - Musik Mixes Kontra-Musik 00:53:30
Simian Mobile Disco Cerulean Unpatterns Wichita 01:01:40
The Future Sound Of London Fibrillation Environments 4 Jumpin' & Pumpin' 01:07:54
Yppah Golden Braid Eighty One Ninja Tune 01:13:33
Photodementia Sporobolus Fig. 03c Photodementia 01:17:53
Mouse On Mars Wienuss Parastrophics Monkeytown Records 01:21:10
Evan Voytas You Don't Even Know Where It's At Feel Me Dovecote Records 01:24:24
Teen Daze 11:11 EU Tour EP Self-Released 01:28:14
Kaminanda Ritual Ecologies Gateways Of Consciousness Self-Released 01:36:50
Infadels We Get Along Future of the Gravity Boy No More Clones 01:42:35
Light Asylum Angel Tongue Light Asylum Mexican Summer 01:46:40
oOoOO Break Yr Heartt Our Loving Is Hurting Us Tri Angle 01:52:54