the beat oracle

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20 june 06

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Ascona Beat Oracle Theme
Dabrye Tell Dem Two / Three Ghostly
Ammoncontact Super Eagles & Black Stars Sounds like Everything Plug Research
Heaven 17 Counterforce Endless
Circlesquare Fight Sounds Part One Fight Sounds EP Output
Circlesquare Fight Sounds Part Two Fight Sounds EP Output
Junior Boys Double Shadow So This Is Goodbye Domino
Boards of Canada Skyliner Trans Canada Highway Warp
Unai I Like Your Style Force Tracks
Cherrelle I Didn't Mean To Turn You On Greatest Hits
nobody and mystic chords of memory feet upon the sound (dntlel remix) broaden a new sound Mush
Magnetophone A Sad Ha Ha (Circled My Demise) The Man Who Ate the Man 4AD
Thieves Like Us (Instrumental Version) New Order Murder 12" Factory
DJ/Rupture I Am Soundboy, We Started This, Big Work, Everlasting Life Minesweeper Suite Tigerbeat6
Burial You Hurt Me Burial
The Coup My Favorite Mutiny Pick a Bigger Weapon Epitaph
Koushik and Percee P Cold Beats ft. Percee P Cold Beats Now-Again
Lali Puna Faking the Books (DNTEL Remix) I Thought I Was Over That Morr
Money Mark Crowns Push the Button Mo'Wax
RJD2 Fire Magnificant City Instrumentals Decon
Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko NOLICOM 28 Fat Cat
Les Rhythm Digitales Sometimes Darkdancer Wall of Sound
Luomo Tessio Vocal City Force Tracks
Telefon Tel Aviv What's the Use of Feet If You Haven't Got Legs Fahrenheit Fair Enough Hefty
Mouse of Mars Yippee Niun Niggung Thrill Jockey