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20 june 15

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Tujiko Noriko Endless End Shojo Toshi Mego 00:01:36
Jessy Lanza As If Pull My Hair Back Hyperdub 00:04:40
Cuushe We Can't Stop Night Lines Cascine 00:08:28
Jörg Burger Polyform 1 Total 8 Kompakt 00:12:02
Jonsson/Alter Tribunen 2 Kontra-Musik 00:17:57
Rndm Summer Smile All Dial 00:24:18
Arnaldo Never Used To Be Like That Your Favourite Colour Is Green Yet You Dress In Black Smallville Records 00:29:50
Maricopa Balcony Life Pastel Love Part Two Back To The Balearics 00:37:16
Leftfield Dark Matters Alternative Light Source Infectious Music 00:42:33
Maribou State Home Portraits Counter Records 00:47:18
Southern Shores Take Me Anywhere Atlantic EP Cascine 00:50:29
Chrome Sparks Luna Luxor Sparks EP Future Classic 00:53:15
Cash+David Pulse Triptych + 00:57:23
Ejeca Tetra (Repercolated) Tusk Wax Five Tusk Wax 01:00:23
Mars All You Need (Album Version) Room #104 Springbok Records 01:05:55
Toyboy & Robin Jaded Jaded Cool Kid Music 01:10:51
Fort Romeau Saku Fairlights Running Back 01:15:00
Romare Jimmy's Lament Projections Ninja Tune 01:21:10
Herbert Smart The Shakes Accidental 01:23:50
Howling Forest Sacred Ground Monkeytown Records / Counter Records 01:27:54
Darren Emerson & Jamie McHugh Where We Came From (John Tejada Remix) Where We Came From Detone 01:34:18
Jamie xx The Rest Is Noise In Colour Young Turks 01:42:30
John Tejada Vaalbara Signs Under Test Kompakt 01:47:00
Underworld You Do Scribble Barking (Alternate Version) 01:52:24