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18 august 12

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Teebs Untitled Cecilia Tapes Collection Self Released 00:01:37
Blue Daisy & Unknown Shapes Insomniac Love Bedtime Stories Black Acre 00:05:36
Gramm Non-Relations Personal Rock Source 00:11:17
Yagya Rigning Fimm Rigning Sending Orbs 00:16:14
DeepChord Presents Echospace Orbiting Silent World Echospace [detroit] 00:22:13
G.R.I.T. Endless Waves Expanse Shoreless Recordings 00:28:36
Björk Possibly Maybe Post One Little Indian 00:33:50
Asonat On The Other Side Love In Times Of Repetition n5MD 00:38:44
Helios Nature People Moiety Unseen 00:43:08
Kettel Sorry, But We Dont Hear You Volleyed Iron U-Cover 00:44:22
Secede Kingdom Of Hearts Tryshasla Sending Orbs 00:47:48
Oval Post-Post Systemisch Mille Plateaux 00:51:22
Snd 00020 A Stdio Mille Plateaux 00:56:00
Andreas Tilliander Ljud #2 Ljud Mille Plateaux 01:02:42
Library Tapes Och Natten Andades Redan Under Träden Air Texture Volume II Air Texture 01:07:27
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto Moon Insen Raster-Noton 01:11:58
Fingers In The Noise Light As A Butterfly Light As A Butterfly Sound Source Netlabel 01:17:22
Octex Anifon Idei Lahesna Tehnika 01:24:05
Shinichi Atobe The Red Line Ship-Scope Chain Reaction 01:31:11
Ozy Dis-En-Gaged Tokei Force Inc. 01:37:30
The Sight Below Without Motion Glider Ghostly International 01:42:04
Orcas Arrow Drawn Orcas Morr Music 01:46:16
Sven Schienhammer Future Life Altostratus Translucidus BineMusic 01:51:13