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24 august 13

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Proem Invisible For All Socially Inept Merck
Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Nuriko Vinyl Words 28 FatCat Records
Isan Scraph Lucky Cat Morr Music
Arovane + Phonem Suffer AER (Valid) Vertical Form
Kiln Season Sunbox Ghostly
Dettinger Untitled Intershop Kompakt
Pass Into Silence Iceblink Pop Ambient 2006 Kompakt
Icebreaker International + Manual Into Forever Into Forever Sound of a Handshake
Slowdive Altogether Souvlaki Creation
Landing Coming Down Circuit Music Fellowship
Labradford Streamlining A Stable Reference Kranky
Blonde Redhead Spain Penny Sparkle 4AD
Lali Puna Everywhere and Allover Tridecoder Morr Music
Komëit End Of Camp Komëit Monika Enterprise
Moscow Olympics Safe Cut the World Lavender Recordings
The Radio Dept. This Past Week This Past Week Labrador
SCSI 9 Mini Total 6 Kompakt
Alveol No Point In Holding On No Point In Holding On Dewtone Recordings
Martin Schulte Floating Slow Beauty Lantern
Swod Ja Sekunden City Centre Offices
Lawrence Somebody Told Me The Absence of Blight Dial