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05 august 17

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Pantha Du Prince Lions Love (John Roberts Remix) The Triad Remixes Rough Trade Records 00:01:36
Sascha Funke Purple Hill Lotos Land Endless Flight 00:05:00
Fizzarum Avellar Frisson Ant-Zen 00:10:55
Bullion Blue Pedro Blue Pedro The Trilogy Tapes 00:15:22
Amorph Don't Forget To Breathe Peripeties U-Cover CDr Limited 00:20:15
Obfusc Infinite Is Yr Heart Infinite Glimpse EP Self-Released 00:24:50
Vondelpark TV NYC Stuff And NYC Bags EP R & S Records 00:29:10
R. Stevie Moore, Jason Falkner That's Fine, What Time? Make It Be Bar/None Records 00:33:40
The Magnetic Fields '83 Foxx And I 50 Song Memoir Nonesuch 00:37:38
Ciaran Byrne You're In Tans'ur Envizagae 00:40:15
Lord Of The Isles Tocpe 28 Parabolas Of Neon Firecracker Recordings 00:45:55
Purl & Sinius Innercity Solitude Oceans Of Sound Eternell 00:49:45