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02 september 08

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Christ. Making a Snow Angel Blue Shift Emissions Benbecula
Near the Parenthesis Mare Nostrum Of the Soft Construction n5MD
Piano Overlord Stay Home The Singles Collection Money Studies
Global Goon Hawaii Family Glue Audio Dregs
Jolly Music K-Fun Jolly Bar Illustrious
J Dilla E=MC2 (feat Common) The Shining BBE
Lewis Parker Figments from the Sky It's All Happening Now Melankolic
The Welcome Stranger Blue Moment Tropical Hot Dog Myutopia
Texas Put Your Arms Around Me (Electric 4 Bird Remix) Peppered with Spastic Magic RGC
Autechre Chenc9 Quaristice Warp
Miss Dinky Capoeira Melodias Venenosas Traum
Niobe Up Hill and Down Dale White Hats Tomlab
Disrupt Jah Red Gold and Green Foundation Bit Werk
The Flashbulb Chik Habit Flexing Habitual Sublight
Low & Springheel Jack Way Behind Bombscare Tugboat