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10 september 11

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Rafael Anton Irisarri A Thousand-Yard Stare Daydreaming Miasmah
Harold Budd Late October The Pearl Editions EG
Sawako Utouto (with Ryan Francesconi) Bitter Sweet 12k
Solo Andata Loom Solo Andata 12k
Grouper Water People Water People / Moving Machine 7" Ballroom Marfa
Tim Hecker Trade Winds, White Heat Radio Amor Mille Plateaux
Ezekiel Honig Drafting Foresight Folding In On Itself Type
Pillowdiver Seven Sleeping Pills 12k
Fennesz + Sakamoto 0409 Flumna Commmons
Herion One Minute After The Sunset Out & About Hypnos
A Winged Victory For The Sullen All Farewells Are Sudden A Winged Victory For The Sullen Erased Tapes
Qluster Haste Tone Fragen Bureau B
Brian McBride I Will When The Detail Lost Its Freedom Kranky
Bvdub A Sisyphean Silence One Last Look At The Sea Quietus Recordings
Biosphere Monju-2 N-Plants Touch
Brian Eno Real Drums Between The Bells Warp
Loscil Goat Mountain Coast / Range / Arc Glacial Movements Records
John Tejada The Dream Parabolas Kompakt
Balam Acab Long Wander / Wonder (Bonus CD) Tri Angle
Lusine Icl Without Standing Language Barrier Hymen
Windy & Carl Consciousness Consciousness Kranky