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17 september 11

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
The Present Moment Times Like This (VALIS Remix) Self-released 00:01:39
Atomizer Physico Mathematico [Open Secret] NagNagNag 00:06:32
Mr. Kitty Messiah Realms Self-released 00:09:37
Modern Witch Desire Love / Desire 7" Tundra Dubs 00:15:50
(+-) Nimrod Glacier (Funerals Remix) Nimrod Glacier Remixed Self-released 20:00:00
Textbeak Contra No Contra Repeat Repeat Delete Politicide 00:23:50
Psychic TV Alien Be-In Toward thee Infinite Beat Temple Records 00:26:37
FOSTERCARE I Ate the Knife Self-released 00:34:00
Bruxa Die At Your Door Eye On Everybody Sweating Tapes 00:37:00
Nine Inch Nails That's What I Get (Fire For Effect's Heavy Version) Self-released 00:41:20
//TENSE// Mine Too Memory Desire Records 00:45:15
King Roc feat. Marc Almond Prime Evil Prime Evil 1trax 00:48:20
Attaque Don't Stop Light Falls / Don't Stop Bad Life 00:55:18
Azari & III Manic Azari & III Loose Lips Records 00:58:35
HOLLAGRAMZ Retrograde (Crowdrock Regolith) HOLLAGRAMZ Remixed Self-released 01:04:00
Evil Nine Roar Little Prince & Roar Bad Life 01:06:30
Koan Sound Trouble in the West Max Out EP Inspected 01:11:10
Subscape Screw Up Time To Escape EP Dub Police 01:13:50
Mindflow Switched Switched Never Say Die 01:18:30
Skrillex Still Gettin It (feat. Foreign Beggars) The Harder They Fall Never Say Die 01:22:34
Freestylers Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix) Cracks Never Say Die 01:26:00
Where's Huey Stay feat. Andrea Britton (Specimen A's Dubsteppin Remix) Self-released 01:30:20
Phaeleh Afterglow (Akira Kiteshi Remix) Afterglow Afterglo 01:34:53
12th Planet & Juakali Reasons (Doctor P Remix) 01:36:08
501 St. Ives St. Ives / Can't Touch Me Rwina Records 01:40:28
Ivory & Wizard Jonny 5 (Dodge & Fuski Remix) Jonny 5 Rat Records 01:44:22
Nero Welcome Reality Me And You / Welcome Reality More Than Alot Records 01:48:00
Sub Focus Coming Closer (VIP) Splash RAM Records 01:50:05
Feed Me Strange Behaviour feat. Tasha Baxter To The Stars Mau5trap Recordings 01:52:48