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03 november 12

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Torkelsen OK Torkelsen Sellout! Music 00:01:47
Southern Shores Flashes New World Cascine 00:05:52
Outputmessage 40000km Quantum Love Output Noise Records 00:07:50
Vessel Lache Order Of Noise Tri Angle 00:11:20
Welder Crosshatch Vines And Stream Cyberset 00:17:25
Aebeloe Farver Farver Self-Released 00:21:14
Bluetech White Magnesia Prima Materia Waveform Records 00:26:30
Burial Ashtray Wasp Kindred EP Hyperdub 00:32:00
Liar Night Swim Strange Love Infinite Machine 00:38:29
Tomas Barfod November Skies (Feat. Nina Kinert) Salton Sea Friends Of Friends 00:42:00
Tycho A Walk (Kolombo Remix) Of Art and Artifice Ghostly International 00:46:00
Daphni Yes, I Know Jiaolong Jiaolong 00:51:40
Ancient Core Forgive & Love Ancient Seeds Of Awareness Astronautic Records 00:55:09
Supersillyus 3 Sphere Tesselations Base Trip Records 01:03:20
Ekoplex Hip Shiva Wigga Discovering The Ancient Omnitropic 01:09:30
GoaHuman Denes Go Gledam Istoto Esoteric Journey Underground Alien Factory 01:14:47
Birds of Paradise Wingspan Ascended Blasters Addictech Records 01:20:45
Kalya Scintilla Unseen Beginnings Self-Released 01:25:50
Invisible Allies Turquoise Rain Chant Hyperdimensional Animals Native State Records 01:30:00
The Mixing Chef Technetium Intense Meditative Trip Sessions Vol. 1 CYAN 01:37:13
Opiuo Bill Bro Baggins Butternut Slap Part 1 Addictech Records 01:47:53
Supersillyus Particle-Beam-Handshakes Tesselations Base Trip Records 01:52:12