The Beat Oracle


The Beat Oracle is a sound collage: presenting the best in experimental electronic, ambient, house, dub, hip-hop, and genre-defying Future Music of past and present.

The Beat Oracle is produced by Michael Beam, Joseph DeMatteo, Kenny Acker, and features occasional guest contributions from a rotating cast of DJs.

The program’s inception began at the turn of the century in the college-radio studios of ACRN in Athens, Ohio, and in 2004, moved to the FM airwaves of KCSB in Santa Barbara, California. A year later, the show expanded to a podcast, bringing forward-thinking beats to a global audience.

Since 2008, The Beat Oracle has aired weekly on WCRS 98.3/102.1 FM in Columbus, Ohio. The program’s reach has since expanded to syndication abroad, asking more listeners to “Consult the Oracle.” 


**The Beat Oracle “theme” was produced by Deaf Dot Electrics.
**Photo by Waggaman


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