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26 february 08

Artist Song Release Label Start Time
Jeru the Damaja Airplay Still Rising Ashenafi
Eliot Lipp Times Four Tacoma Mockingbird Hefty
The Books That Right Ain't Shit Lemon of Pink Tomlab
Benoit Pioulard Triggering Back/Moth Wings Precis Kranky
Battles Layendecker (DJ EMZ Remix ft. Joell Ortiz) Tonto+ Warp
Thavius Beck Sonic Sound Thru Mush
Max Tundra Lysine Mastered by Guy at the Exchange Tigerbeat6
Marumari Way in the Middle of the Air Supermogadon Carpark
Metro Area Dance Reaction Metro Area Source
Bark Psychosis Pendelum Man Hex Caroline
Brian Eno By This River Before and After Science E.G.
Black Devil Disco Club An Other Skin (Days of Blackula) (Unit 4 remix) In Dub Lo
Presets I Go Hard, I go Home Beams Modular
Lifesavas ft Nas & Fishbone Dead Ones (remix) digital release Quannum
Colleen / Autechre Babies / Steels Everyone Alive Wants / Quaristice Leaf / Warp
Songes of Green Pheasant Fires Pgr Gyllyng Street Fat Cat