2018 Scheduling Changes

As we move into a new year of the Beat Oracle, changes are afoot!

Sharing Future Music with our listeners has always been a labor of love, and due to expanding personal commitments, the podcast will be moving to a monthly two-hour update starting in 2018.

Does this mean the Beat Oracle is finished? Absolutely not! At a minimum, new episodes will be beamed to your listening devices every month, with the possibility of additional shows being added as the inspiration hits. Episodes may end up being 2 hours, 3 hours, or dare we tease…10 hours?

Our year-end retrospectives, Slowly Series, and other specials will also remain intact.

As much as we wish we could continue delivering high-quality mixes each week, we have decided this is the most sustainable path forward to keep the Beat Oracle alive and thriving.

For those listeners looking for more content, check out (or revisit) our 10+ year audio archive for massive amounts of quality tunes.

Thanks to all of our listeners for hanging with us. We look forward to presenting more top sounds this year and beyond!

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TBO Socially Networks

The Beat Oracle has started tweeting @beatoracle. We’ll be posting thoughts about new releases and information about upcoming shows/podcasts. We also added a Beat Oracle page to Facebook, where you can become our fan.

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The Beat Oracle at Hal & Al’s

Beat Oracle @ Hal & Al's

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be bringing the futuristic sounds of The Beat Oracle to Hal & Al’s on Fridays the first Friday of the month, 10pm, at 1297 Parsons Ave. in Merion Village, Columbus. Come join us for an underground & experimental sound collage in an atmosphere where you can hear yourself think.

Updated 11/08/2009

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Blah Blah Blahog

Well, it’s come to this. In an age where every pet llama has a blog, we at The Beat Oracle will concede that we are fiercely behind the times. In an effort to interact with our listeners we will be launching a blog to discuss…well, practically anything. Music, mayhem, the confusing success of Crocs, whatever.

 So please, think of this as a chance to say hello, send a request, yell at us,  recommend something, or share a recipe (no Haggis, please).

 Thanks for listening, and turn it up.

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