03/23/2019: Circuit Jump

This week’s episode is full of inspired new releases to feed your internal circuits. There are some infectious, fresh sounds from Placid Angles (John Beltran), Janeret, Fort Romeau, and Smallpeople. An ambient suite from Nivhek, William Basinski, and Midori Mirano. Introspective musings from Helado Negro, Jessica Pratt, and Hand Habits. Classics from Cylob, Polygon Window, and Repeat, and so much more! It is a packed and vibrant trip for open ears. Thanks for listening.


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03/10/2019: Time Loss

This edition takes some twists and turns across the Future-Music spectrum, incorporating a balance of past and present. There are new featured releases from Chromatics, Pye Corner Audio, Efdemin, Weval, King Midas Sound, the Sleaford Mods, and more. Classics from Autechre, Dip In The Pool, and Ulrich Schnauss continue to age with the refinement of a classic scotch/wine/Isabelle Huppert. Loads of other top tracks are peppered within – so please enjoy…responsibly, and perhaps with a fine scotch/wine/Isabelle Huppert. Thanks for listening!


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02/14/2019: Something Two One

The unending love affair with Future Music continues in this week’s edition. Things get off to an atmospheric start with new music from Volor Flex, Noah, and Mikron. The tempo picks up throughout the show as featured tracks from DJ Koze, Peggy Gou, Frantzvaag, and Moomin take center stage. There are plenty of gems in-between, so max out the volume and enjoy the sounds!


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09/23/2018: Imagined Places

This edition opens the door to imaginary places: from prospective dystopias and post-truth societies, to euphoric landscapes and crystal cities. These possibilities are brought to you by new releases from Aphex Twin, The Black Dog, Yves Tumor, Helios, Skee Mask, and more. Classics from FSOL, Carl Craig, and Urban Tribe remind us all that Future Music is a timeless, undefinable state of sound. Have a listen, and enjoy!


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06/01/2018: Harmonic Spectrum

Settle in for another trip across the realm of Future Music! This episode is packed with psychedelic beats, inviting pop, modulating synths, rock and/or roll, ambient traces, and other sounds designed to tickle the pleasure points of your auditory perception. Tune in for stellar new releases from the likes of Skee Mask, The Advisory Circle, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Beach House, The Sea and Cake, Dabrye, Moomin, and many more! Ponder the cosmos, dance in your bedroom, or simply nod along, skeptically indifferent! It’s just a press away, and always 100% algorithm-free. Thanks for listening!


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03/02/2018: Isotrope

The Beat Oracle is back and revisiting some classic sounds from the mid to late nineties and early aughts. These are selections that (in part) define a large section of the Beat Oracle DNA. Many longtime stalwarts of the show are featured: DJ Shadow, Nightmares On Wax, Plaid, Christian Kleine, Biosphere, Drexciya, and so many more. It’s a deep 2+ hour mix of essential listening!

Whether these tracks are embedded in your memory, or you’re hearing them for the first time, we encourage you to have a listen and thoroughly enjoy. Thanks for tuning in!


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12/23/2017: Year.End (Part Two)

This is Joseph, bringing you the second entry in our 2017 re-cap. It was an overwhelming year for great sounds, and there were many worthy cuts that were sadly left on the chopping block. Thanks again to our listeners and broadcast partners for their continued support over the past decade. In uncertain and dark times it is music and art that continue to give us light, and show us the way forward.

10 Favorites In No Particular Order

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Async
Four Tet – New Energy
Slowdive – Slowdive
DeepChord – Auratones
Kettenkarussell – Insecurity Guard
The Clientele – Music In The Age Of Miracles
Gas – Narkopop
Colleen – A Flame My Love, A Frequency
Hand Habits – Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void)
Martin Schulte – Seasons


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10/14/2017: Midnight Commute

This edition is laced with spaced-out beats and radio interference. There are new Dub Techno releases from Martin Schulte and DeepChord (remixing Fluxion), and must-hear sounds from Mønic, The Other People Place, Shed, and more. It’s a direct line from SETI. Enjoy!


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