09/23/2018: Imagined Places

This edition opens the door to imaginary places: from prospective dystopias and post-truth societies, to euphoric landscapes and crystal cities. These possibilities are brought to you by new releases from Aphex Twin, The Black Dog, Yves Tumor, Helios, Skee Mask, and more. Classics from FSOL, Carl Craig, and Urban Tribe remind us all that Future Music is a timeless, undefinable state of sound. Have a listen, and enjoy!


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08/23/2018: Angel Tech In Action

It’s that time once again when a city springs up out of nothing and becomes populated with all manner of wild people, robots and cutting edge art. This episode is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Larry Harvey, the original instigator of Burning Man. Let this 3 hour mix transport you home with sonic stories of friends, dust, bikes and bots. Enjoy the beats and see you on the playa! Thanks for tuning in!


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07/04/2018: Regimes

This month’s mix takes us to contrasting places. We’ve got soothing guitar tunes from Snail Mail, Amen Dunes, and Pax. There are hypnotic beats from Kaito, Ross From Friends, Normal Ones and Transformations, a collaboration between Fluxion and Deepchord. Check out symphonic tones from Tor, Poppy Ackroyd, and Actress. There’s much more: experimental computer generated compositions, an appearance from the Godfather of Punk, and returns from some favorite producers whom we haven’t heard from in a number of years. We hope you enjoy–thanks for your time.


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06/01/2018: Harmonic Spectrum

Settle in for another trip across the realm of Future Music! This episode is packed with psychedelic beats, inviting pop, modulating synths, rock and/or roll, ambient traces, and other sounds designed to tickle the pleasure points of your auditory perception. Tune in for stellar new releases from the likes of Skee Mask, The Advisory Circle, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Beach House, The Sea and Cake, Dabrye, Moomin, and many more! Ponder the cosmos, dance in your bedroom, or simply nod along, skeptically indifferent! It’s just a press away, and always 100% algorithm-free. Thanks for listening!


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05/06/2018: Flowing

Explore unfamiliar oceans in this mix as songs swell and recede like the tides. Ross From Friends makes his debut on Brainfeeder, Brainwaltzera heads to Monkeytown and Ruxpin shares an older gem from his vaults! New Beat Oracle discoveries include: Hello Meteor, Coyote Clean Up and Sleep D & Albrecht La’Brooy. Dive in for two hours of sweet sounds from the depths of the digital dreamspace!


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04/02/2018: The Tower. The Tunnel.

Tune in to this mix to hear new music from Ryuichi Sakamoto (remixed by Electric Youth), Björk (remixed by Kelly Lee Owens), Nightmares on Wax, Mouse on Mars, Nils Frahm, Yo La Tengo, Mark Pritchard (featuring The Space Lady) and much more. It’s two hours of inspired sounds focused on transitions.


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02/02/2018: Coastline Mist

The Beat Oracle is back for 2018 with a hazy mix of downtempo, leftfield and lo-fi house. Artists like Oddnip, Neo Image and Akasha System are perfect for soundtracking those summer recollections during winter. Hear more great stuff from The Range, Central and The Cyclist. Stick around until the end for a hot tip on a local live show!


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12/30/2017: Year.End (Part 3)

This is Michael finishing off our three-part 2017 retrospective series. 2017 was a great year for music and this mix features some of the songs that bookmarked my year. Thank you all for listening and giving feedback this year. I want to also offer my deepest gratitude to my co-hosts for the decade of inspiration and partnership. Here’s a link to our past annual retrospective mixes dating back to 2005.

Bookmarking 2017

Slowdive – Slowdive [Strangely, Parenting]
Four Tet – New Energy [Analyzing Election Results]
Moiré – Façade [Communication Technology & Human Interaction]
Do Make Say Think – Stubborn Persistent Illusions [An old friend]
Clientele – Music For The Age Of Miracles [Schönbrunn Gardens]
Bonobo – Migration [Kids in the Back Seat]
Gas – Narkopop [Train on the Pacific]
Ryuichi Sakamoto – async [Ravenna Rd.]
Broken Social Scene – Hug of Thunder [Stranger’s Baby Shower]
Shed – The Final Experiment [Coach Pitch]


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