09/10/2016: Slow Motion Submarine

Take a dark-tinged tour through today’s electronic avant-garde. Freescha are back with a new one, as are Swarms and Slow Dancing Society. There’s some deep downtempo electro from Hadamard and Black September. And a special rare vinyl-only treat from mysterious producer JockTalk. Relax and enjoy.


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09/03/2016: Coming Back

Tonight’s show features recent efforts from many “classic” future music producers including DJ Shadow, Plaid, The Field, Underworld, and Massive Attack. New music from comparatively relative newcomers Phaseone, Sven Weisemann, Pye Corner Audio, Segue, and Julianna Barwick is also included. Sit back, enjoy.


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08/20/2016: Summer Rain Syndrome

Summer’s almost over and in the Midwestern U.S. the skies can’t stop crying. This week’s selections reflect those cloudy sentiments with new music from Synkro, Virginia and Different Sleep. There’s also some sunshine peaking through courtesy of DJ Tennis, Bwana and Gelka. Waterproof those headphones and go outside – this downpour is for dancing!


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08/13/2016: J+K Dinner

This week we air a special 2-hour mix that was put together in honor of our friends Jeffery & Keli, who got married last weekend. Congratulations! This mix played during dinner after the wedding and features many Beat Oracle instrumental classics from Tortoise, Air, Boards of Canada, Four Tet, Synkro, UNKLE, Madvillian and more.


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07/30/2016: Centroversion

Center your consciousness around this cluster of cyborganic sounds from ’16. Nuage starts things off by recalling the future’s past. There’s new Avalanches and Kettel! The Magician returns to cast a new spell on the dance floor, Marek Hemmann drapes techno in purple, and Dusky gets another perfect remix (this time by Bwana). All this and more in this week’s sound collage!


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07/23/2016: Simon Memorial

This week Noah delivers a special memorial mix for Simon the Tron Warrior. This 2-hour sound collage features sounds from Simon’s favorite music, original recordings from Simon’s digital vaults, and soundtracks from his favorite games. The show is presented in its original form, uninterrupted with vocal announcements.


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07/09/2016: Tropicalactic

In this hour, the Oracle opens up a limited-time-only space portal to the Galaxy of Infinite Summer. The journey begins with a surprising downtempo number from Komon. New tunes from Fakear, Niki & the Dove and The Natural History Museum assure your arrival on a truly beaching planet! There’s also a long lost treasure from 1980 in the form of New Musik’s “On Islands” – a song that never made it to U.S. shores back when it was released. There’s more fresh future finds to discover in this trip. Enjoy!


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07/02/2016: Revisit

This week’s show features new music from several longtime Beat Oracle favorites: ambient hip-hop from DJ Shadow, heady rock from Radiohead, electronic music from Plaid, minimal house from Lawrence, and a long, lush experimental piece from Jim O’Rourke & Fennesz that spans most of the duration of the second half of the hour.


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