01/24/2020: Signing Off

This is the final regular transmission from the Beat Oracle. Thanks to all of our listeners new and old – we hope you discovered some great music during this run. Much has changed in the past twelve years, but the world of Future Music has remained as engaging and stimulating as when we first started recording.

This episode pays tribute to the roots and essence of the show, with classics from Warp records, Ninja Tune, Mo Wax, City Centre Offices, and so many other labels and artists that have become fused within our DNA, and have provoked joy while challenging our ideas about music and sound.

Please enjoy the over 500 episodes in our audio archive, and stay tuned for one last addition to our Slowly Series.

Thanks again for joining us with open ears and minds. Cheers!


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01/08/2020: Also Known As

This edition is a bittersweet tribute to our beloved radio show and a testament to a lifelong love of future music. Kenny Lectro has gone by many names in the past and here he revisits a few fond monikers while keeping things current with the music. Showcasing new discoveries such as Roland Tings, Antenna, Benjamin Frohlich and Neon Chambers amongst familiar artists like Underworld, Robag Wruhme, Ross From Friends and Synkro; the DJ with a Thousand Faces consults The Oracle one last time. Best listened to at the highest volume possible while wearing the brightest clothing in your collection! Thanks for all the support over the years.


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