Music is Math

This week’s equation: 3 S(ets) = 1 various (courtesy – Michael) + Knackered/electro + 40 mg of ambien

The big idea: Facehole brought some new records into the Sells Studio this week. He demanded that we sit down, stop fidgeting, and listen to brilliant new tracks from Juana Molina, Animal Collective, SCSI-9, Miwon and Kid 606. Not only did this minimize the time we had to listen to him rant about his virtual soccer league, but it proved to be a great set. Then Kenny introduced us to his West Yorkshire “mate” (that means he’s British) DJ Knackered, who dropped an extended selection of “chillectro” tracks. The show’s final third beautifully lulls along with Fennesz, Philip Jeck, Grouper, and more. Listen up.


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