New Scheduled Shows

Last night was my first time in our new time slot. Noah & Jon held down the show last week while I was up in NoCal. We’ll be podcasting the last two hours of our shows (10pm-Midnight) this summer. If you want to catch the whole three hour show, check it out on the live stream at
Part 1 Part 2

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7 Responses to “New Scheduled Shows”

  1. Frickin awesome. My favorite podcast. Keep it up, for Pete’s sake, my iPod just became much more valuable, and if I ever sell it, I’ll make sure to mention “Comes with the Beat Oracle pre-installed”.

  2. hey, really great show, guys!

  3. I have only recently been turned on to podcasts and I have to say, living in the southeast and knee deep in crunk, your podcast is a breath of fresh air! I’ve long thought that radio was dead but I’ve come to learn that it’s been resurected in the form of the podcast. It feels so good I just have to say it again… RADIO IS DEAD!!LONG LIVE THE PODCAST!!!

  4. What’s the name of the song (you played on the 6/28/2005 podcast) that samples Jethro Tull? It starts 18:00 minues in. I need to buy that song. 😉

    -thanks for the great show!

  5. Sorry newbie mistake… I see you provide all I need to know… and I found the tune on iTunes – link

    Life is good

  6. Just want to add a huge thank you for turning me on to the whole Anticon label. I had never frickin heard of these guys, and I’ve scooped up three of their albums since I heard this podcast – the Label sampler for starters, then Selling Live Water and the Other Side of the Looking Glass. Frickin awesome. It’s cool hearing CA radio in Maine.

  7. Yo-
    I had heard some Oracle tapes going around here in Chattanooga, TN, and I’ve really enjoyed the skalpel and boards of canada airplay, we don’t get much of that around here, so I checked out the podcast. I was glad to hear some anticon, Its good to hear nice spinning and experimental.