Back on Air

I was out in the Pacific Northwest last week while Noah worked solo and tried out the new interm studio. Unfortunately the recording equipment was acting up, so after a 3 week hiatus we’re back! I’m still getting used to the new equipment here–but I was able to play a bunch of new stuff I picked up in Seattle (Ascona CDr, Edan, L Pierre, etc.). This is a pretty mellow show. Oh also–we’re trying out sending out the show as 1 file rather than in 2 parts. Less CD-r friendly, yet more podcast friendly. If you have a preference between splitting the show or not–drop us a comment and let us know.

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2 Responses to “Back on Air”

  1. Hmm I dunno which is better… but anyways, Lovin’ the show. Keep it up!

    I got one request though. I was wonderin’ if you guys could put a time stamp or sumthin’ on the playlists so I can tell which song is currently playing. Most of the artist I’ve never heard of so it’s hard to figure out. Thanks!

  2. i keep telling michael that, lets see if more voices can get it implemented. 🙂