08/06/2009: Space is the place.

We packed up the Oracle Industries van and moved into our new “Steady Flux” studio. There’s way more space for our records and assorted machines. This week’s show is almost entirely comprised of new releases from the likes of The Gaslamp Killer, Darkstar, Jega, Greyboy, J Dilla, Appleblim and Ramadanman, Silkie, 2562, Martyn, and more. These are some major sounds.


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4 Responses to “08/06/2009: Space is the place.”

  1. I love you guys, and the playlist looks good this week, but the “Voice of the Oracle” makes me want to stab people. Kinda funny for one week, but physically difficult for me to listen to now. I hope this isn’t a permanent change, because the sound of your live human voices narrating the show is much more pleasing to my sensitive ears. Thanks for the otherwise good podcasts.

  2. Its actually not intended to be funny. Maybe we’re missing the mark if it comes across that way. We were planning with sticking with it for a while…

  3. I have to disagree w/ Funky D. on this one. I happen to really like the “voice of the oracle”. I think the first week it came out of nowhere and perhaps came off a bit like some sort of joke. After a few weeks of it, I have grown to expect it and find it the defining character of the show.

  4. i miss your sweet sultry voices, but I guess I’ll have to deal with just having some sweet sultry beats.