03/04/2010: DJs In Business Caj

The rumors are true! DJ Moxy mind-melds with Kenny’Lectro for this special episode. These two met halfway through 2009 and eventually realized they are practically the same person. Moxy gives a sneak peek into her music selections that don’t get played in the club such as: Memory Tapes, The Stealth, Aa & Cold Cave. Kenny requests that she share two remixes she got him hooked on-one by Nosaj Thing & one of a Muse song! He drops more Reso, Brassica, Vitalic and Shpongle. Also on display is some hot electro including one jam about Time Traveling. Turn this up to 11 and prepare to step off the map!


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2 Responses to “03/04/2010: DJs In Business Caj”

  1. ok Lady,
    You fuckin’ KILLED it.
    Boys- if you had a hand in mixxxing… hats off once again.

  2. this is the master jam.