01/22/2011: Terrains

We travelled great lengths to record this episode. Over the course of our trip we heard some intriguing sounds from Kompakt co-founder Jurgen Paape, talented upstart Jacques Greene, and the minimal beauty of Alveol. Later on we caught a glimpse of some familiar old friends. Marumari led us into the “Birch Beer Forest,” while the Glitch Mob and Take presented us with their latest remixes. Things slowed down a bit, and we drifted along the lazy calm with the Cocteau Twins, Arovane, and Morgan Packard. We might have made it home. Here is our audio journal.


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2 Responses to “01/22/2011: Terrains”

  1. I really enjoyed this episode, thanks 🙂 Have you thought about adding ‘chapters’ into the podcast using GarageBand? This will show the current track’s artwork, and a link to the artist’ site, when playing in itunes or on an iPod. I found info about it here: http://mac.appstorm.net/how-to/music/creating-a-podcast-using-garageband/

  2. Well, thanks for the time markers in the playlist, but somehow I miss the talkover parts… for me it was the Beat Oracle signature.