passing in the back

Happy Chao! FNORD This week show features piles of new stuff including tracks from Dabrye, Madlib, The Coup, King Buscuit Time, Swayzak, Goldfrapp and the DFA crew. Next week Paul Freak will be joining us in studio for a live DJ session!

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Made It!

After an unexpected two week break, I’m back! Lots of news:

First up, this week’s show features two great mixes by Paul Freak. Paul has started podcasting his great mixes over at In the second hour tonight, I rehash my Coachella adventures and break format a bit. The best show of Coachella, hell, of all time, is Daft Punk. Tonight we play some live DP to celebrate the show. As promised, Jon from Ballistic Helmet has hooked us up with some great live footage of the event. Check it out!

Next, a big shoutout to Matt H. for hooking me up with recordings of The Beat Oracle in it’s previous form. From 2000-2003 I broadcasted the show out of ACRN with co-hosts Ruckus Roboticus and DJ Barticus, and you too can download these old gems here. I’ve updated the Audio Archive link to point to our new server, with blazing download speeds.

Finally, I’ll be moving back to Ohio this summer! I’ll be attending graduate school at the Ohio State University. If you know good things to do around town, or a radio station hookup for a future Beat Oracle home, drop me an e-mail.


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