In Threes

Well, I’ve been deliquent in updating the site for the last few weeks–but luckily I’ve managed to stay on top of the podcast. The DJs here have been traveling! Kenny visited Chicago and New York while I went to DC to catch Radiohead! It’s good to be back in the studio, check out some shows! While we were busy on our travels, Joseph discovered we’ve passed our 100th archived show…



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100th Episode Celebrity-Cellulite Spectacular!

It came to our attention recently ( about 10 mins. ago) that we’ve passed the 100th episode milestone.

Two weeks ago. On April 29th. No giant cakes or motorcade, I’m afraid.

This number is based on the available archived shows, and doesn’t take into account the infancy days at ACRN in Athens, Ohio. In any case, we’d like to extend our warmest thanks to our listeners. We’ll be toasting to you as we make up for weeks of self-congratulatory drinking.


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Can’t stop playing the new Portishead album. Really incredible. Ten years worth of quality control, indeed.

 In other news, an all ambient edition is on the horizon. Probably two hours worth. Get out your red light bulbs!

Apologies for a lack of updates. Our web-bot was in the shop, but now all is well.

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