In Threes

Well, I’ve been deliquent in updating the site for the last few weeks–but luckily I’ve managed to stay on top of the podcast. The DJs here have been traveling! Kenny visited Chicago and New York while I went to DC to catch Radiohead! It’s good to be back in the studio, check out some shows! While we were busy on our travels, Joseph discovered we’ve passed our 100th archived show…



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2 Responses to “In Threes”

  1. I am especially enjoying the 05/13 mix.

  2. What up fellows, one of you said once, that if you’re not too shy, blog….
    But where are all the bloggers, am I tripping. Your shows are healing. Period. Thankyou. Im loving the individual shows you guys put together. Nice work. Kenny killed it! Not as smoky here in Nor Cal, better breathing on the dance floor! Respect. Peace. Noah