09/24/2016: Collisions in ESO 510-13

This week we present the ninth edition in our annual “Slowly” series. This installment is inspired by a collision of galaxies. It is a collage of hushed, sometimes drowsy sounds. For this reason, the duration of the show will be uninterrupted by voice. For a satisfactory listening experience we recommend finding a comfortable pair of headphones or a nice stereo, and a quiet place.

Collisions in ESO 510-13

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09/17/2016: Comet Trails

This week’s mix focuses on some top recent releases from across the Future Music continuum. Teebs remixes the Orb, there is brand new music from Zomby, Forma, Benjamin Brunn, as well as some new house tracks from the likes of Ross From Friends, Kornél Kovács, and many more! Check it out below.

Be sure to tune in next week for the 9th edition in our hypnotic, ambient-driven Slowly series.


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09/10/2016: Slow Motion Submarine

Take a dark-tinged tour through today’s electronic avant-garde. Freescha are back with a new one, as are Swarms and Slow Dancing Society. There’s some deep downtempo electro from Hadamard and Black September. And a special rare vinyl-only treat from mysterious producer JockTalk. Relax and enjoy.


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09/03/2016: Coming Back

Tonight’s show features recent efforts from many “classic” future music producers including DJ Shadow, Plaid, The Field, Underworld, and Massive Attack. New music from comparatively relative newcomers Phaseone, Sven Weisemann, Pye Corner Audio, Segue, and Julianna Barwick is also included. Sit back, enjoy.


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