This week was my last week in the KCSB studios. Jon and Scott join me in the studio for a tag team dj set as we bid farewell to DJing on the Pacific. I’m about to move eastward and get married! It’ll be a few weeks before I’m back with a new show–but I’ll be podcasting shows from the ACRN archives until then. Check out Dirtyradio in the meantime. Happy Solstice!

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5 Responses to “bang!”

  1. This was an awesome set, but the playlist feature hasn’t seemed to work for a couple days. I know its the last thing you want to think about now, but for when your ready to get back into the swing of things (provided its still broken) you might want to take a look at it?

    Or maybe it is just me and my connection. haha

    take it easy

  2. unfortunately the playlists run off of a machine from my house–and the computer is on a moving truck! I meant to migrate that section over to the hosted site–but didn’t get around to it. I should have the playlists back in a week or two.

  3. I’m feelin the bittersweet, my friend. But mostly, I’m happy for the beginning of a new chapter in your life! I’ll miss the two of you out here, but there’s always Big Sur! Not only that, but I’m in the early planning stages of a massive travel adventure, which I’m hoping will include a stop-off in your new neck of the wudz. Peace, love, and BEATS!!!!


  4. this was a really fun show! thanks for letting me throw down, it will not be forgotten. michael has been a large influence on my musical tastes for a while now and i feel wholly better from it. so… thanks to scott for giving me a msg indirectly.

    s.b. will be one partner down, but never gone.


    pz! -j

  5. Michael

    I’d like to congratulate on a great show. Disappointed that you’re not on the air at the moment, but hope you’re back soon.

    My first encounter with electronica was stumbling into an independent record store in Glasgow almost a decade ago now and being blown away by BoC’s Music Has the Right To Children and that was it.

    Incidentally I’m trying to track the Burial track from the last show – do you have any other details?