06/10/2017: Modes

This edition features many new top releases: the latest from Kettenkarussell and the acclaimed Giegling label, a track from Dauwd’s debut LP, an epic from Superpitcher, the return of T.Raumschmiere, an archive-gem from Shinichi Atobe, and many more! Enjoy the latest helping of Future Music beats.


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05/13/2017: Mindscapes

It’s a slow moving affair this week, as ambient soundscapes dominate the show. The entire set contains beautiful 2017 releases from long time favorites such as The Caretaker, Bvdub, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Slowdive. Newer artists like Echolog, Demen, and High Plains debut on our playlist, showcasing beautiful compositons. Let your mind go out of tune.


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04/22/2017: Universal Things

This edition features some of the year’s most anticipated releases. Long awaited returns from Miwon, Slowdive, and Gas are well worth the wait, as they all deliver terrific new tracks. There are more standouts from Lusine, Geotic, Bonobo and more, as 2017 continues to provide an exciting supply of Future Music sounds. Press play and enjoy!


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04/01/2017: Cherry Blossom Beats

This week’s edition features a mix of delicious beats to soundtrack the sunshine and spring breeze. There are new dub-inspired beats from Mystica Tribe, the latest from Onra’s “Chinoiseries,” a classic from A Guy Called Gerald, new releases from Shed, AL-90, Octo Octa, and many more! Tune in and enjoy.


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03/11/2017: Interpretations

This edition features some new releases from some seasoned “Future Music” veterans. There are stellar new releases from Sven Weisemann, Christian Kleine, and Arovane. Newcomer S.A.M. delivers some ambient-washed beats, and Kyle Hall and Youandewan drop some dancefloor vibes. Thanks for tuning in!


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02/18/2017: Corridor

Melodic, laid-back beats dominate this week’s mix. Featured within are a pair of new singles out on Ghostly, courtesy of Lusine and Geotic. Both have forthcoming LPs worth getting excited about. Kid Koala collaborates with Emiliana Torrini with mesmerizing results, Clarian drops a great new single for Kompakt, and Crackazat injects some more energy into the mix with “Coffee Time.” There are many great tracks within, so check it out and enjoy the vibes.


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01/14/2017: First Contact

The beats continue in our first edition of 2017. Things start with jazz-infused Future Music from Jeff Parker and Yussef Kamaal and then flow into some heavy beats from DJ Swagger, Nathan Fake, and Miagma. Newer releases from Vermont and Prince of Denmark create a hypnotic period of atmospheric vibes, before Fluxion closes with his classic dub-techno talents. There is a lot to explore within – join us for another journey into the ever-expanding universe of Future Music.


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12/10/2016: Year.End (Part Two)

In part two of our 2016 retrospective, Joseph presents tracks from some of his favorite albums, EPs, and singles.

“It was a particularly good year for the ears, if nothing else. These picks all resonated with me in various settings: live performances, in headphones while roaming around the city, with friends…and all the other usual places. Unfortunately I could not fit the longer-form tracks into the show. There are a few debuts within, but for me, some of the best pieces came from seasoned artists that are still pushing boundaries and finding new ways to challenge themselves and listeners. This is a rare feat in a world of continuously hyped newcomers that fade away within the disposable listening and “music journalism” culture. Thanks to our listeners who still enjoy a human, rather than an algorithm, presenting a POV. Peace.” – Joseph

And now another list for your viewing pleasure (choose your own order)

The Radio Dept. – Running Out Of Love
Hope Sandoval & Warm Inventions – Until The Hunter
Moomin – A Minor Thought
Huerco S. – For Those Of You That Have…
Jessy Lanza – Oh No
Fennesz + O’Rourke – It’s Hard For Me To Say Sorry
Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool
36 – The Infinity Room
Youandewan – There Is No Right Time
David Bowie – Blackstar


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