06/14/2014: Power Pyramid Collectible

Apologies for the site down time! As always, the beat rolled on and we will be catching up on episode posts over the next week, so stay tuned for a hefty dose of Future Music.

This episode is a special collaboration between Kenny Lectro and his longtime listening buddy DJ Mr. Nice Guy. There are some familiar names like Mux Mool, John Talabot & Max Cooper as well as lesser known musical offerings from Whitetree, Saturday Index & Seven Ark. Kick your feet back and enjoy the ride.


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3 Responses to “06/14/2014: Power Pyramid Collectible”

  1. I see you guys encode the mp3 at V9. Any chance we could get a higher bitrate in the future? Preferably V2 or higher.

  2. Also DJ Mr. Nice Guy for Viss President.

  3. WHOA DUDES. DJ Sir Mr. Nice Guy sure has some good musical taste. I especially enjoyed tracks 1-29. A+