05/30/2015: Lagged

We are back after a brief holiday and have returned with some sonic souvenirs to share. Enjoy duty-free highlights from Seams, Koan, Mount Kimbie, Drexciya, Prefuse 73, Nosaj Thing, Shuttle358, Dave DK, Gas, and many more. Ciao.


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2 Responses to “05/30/2015: Lagged”

  1. Hi Beat Oracle!

    I was wondering if there’s any chance you could upload your shows in a higher bitrate. It’s a shame that you find all this great music but it being rough to listen to due to the bitrate (especially on Stitcher). I spoke to Mr. Lectro about it and he suggested I make a comment here.

    If there are size limitations, I understand.


  2. Thanks for listening! Two points:

    First, I believe Stitcher may transcode our podcast to a lower bitrate to use less bandwidth for streaming. For a better listening experience you can use our website or a podcast app that relies on our RSS feed.

    Secondly, we recently upgraded our bitrate to a minimum VBR of 160kbps (often the shows are closer to 180kbps). Hopefully you’ve noticed some increase in quality when listening through the site. This is as high a bitrate as we can go to for bandwidth reasons.