new studio time

kcsb has finally gotten the main studio rennovated and we’re broadcasting with brand new digital equipment! to celebrate this move, we brought in friends brian and jon to play some funky sets. new stuff from broadcast, herbaliser and signer. many great artists are touring the us right now, so be sure to check out what you can!

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5 Responses to “new studio time”

  1. Word. Thanks for giving us a chance to break the new equipment in! Shouts to all the podheads and everyone making community radio possible.




    For those looking for more info on the “Skratch My Bush” track in my set.

  3. Hey. Thanks for the show this week mates. Good stuff. Hope things are treating you well in cali! Hit me up.

  4. Hi, love your stuff!

    One thing though… Playlist list, time stamps, pretty pretty please?

  5. Oops, I wrote “list” twice. You get the point.