02/04/2012: Fluctuations

The drafty studio walls were warmed by these two hours of top sounds. Things begin with the patient, slow moving beats of Ghost Cauldron, and pick up with a cut from Random Rab’s latest release, “Viurreal.” New music from 1000names and Synkro show some flashes of hip-hop among subdued atmospherics, as Locked Groove closes out part-one with another stellar Hotflush Recordings release. Another killer production from Machinedrum starts an experimental second hour that features Gang Gang Dance remixing King Midas Sound, Steve Hauschildt’s twinkly kosmiche, and Feist getting the remix treatment from Beck. Thanks for tuning in!


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3 Responses to “02/04/2012: Fluctuations”

  1. This episode is AMAZING so far, and I’m only 18 minutes in! Absolutely loving the first four tracks, and excited to hear where this is going to go–what a great name for this episode too, Fluctuations seems very fitting thus far. Thank you!!

  2. Really enjoyed hearing Haywyre. Great show, y’all! By the way, how did you know I was car-dancing?

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