05/05/2012: Out of Office

While we were out the radio played: Ryat debut for Brainfeeder, Shed stars as the Traveller, “New Year” by Beach House, Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services, The humble bones of Labyrinth Ear, Kelpe’s “Fuzzy Feeling,” new CFCF album, Clubroot names third album “Clubroot,” Jeff Mills is the Messenger, more in there, end of transmission.


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2 Responses to “05/05/2012: Out of Office”

  1. Wow guys, this one was great. I liked the Lotus Flower remix, as well as the track by Adeptus. I thought the whole set from City Center to the end flowed so well together. Nils Frahm “Pause” was a nice surprise, simple beauty. Thanks!

  2. I think I had to go check the track-list on almost every song! so good.