Another sick-like week in the studio. I dropped new stuff from Herbert, Sia, Jimmy Edgar and more. Hey–Apple is now accepting user comments for podcasts. Drop me a line if you have a minute. I won’t be in the studio next week as I’m seeing Animal Collective in LA. I’ll try out the home studio this weekend if I’m feeling better and drop in a podcast.

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3 Responses to “spaced”

  1. Props sent your way, Mistah DJ.

  2. Hey hey hey guys, what happened this week? where is the mix?? i got addicted to the beat oracle, got myself an ipod, to hear it in the car, and feel like i was driving the roads of california… and you, don’t do the show?? how am i going to survive it??

  3. ps: i’ll forgive it if you dedicate me a zongamin track in the next show