down the mountain

I’m back in the studio this week with Jon as a guest DJ. New stuff from Cinematic Orchestra, Lotus Tribe, B Fleischmann and Terrestrial Tones. I also featured a segment from MadDecent, Diplo’s new podcast, one of many new shows added to my list of podcasts over on the right column. Also–check out Loscil’s new album Stases, available for free download.

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3 Responses to “down the mountain”

  1. Welcome back!! Hope you are feeling totally better. I never thought I could become addicted to a podcast. I drove down to Rocky Point for spring break and made my friends listen to the Beat Oracle almost the whole way. They loved every darn minute of it.

  2. yo, i’ve been listening to your podcast since august, its dope and kiked back as hell. i am wondering one thing, i noticed that noah isnt spinning any mo, what happened wiht that, i loved his sessions. just kinda curious. -peace

  3. I was browsing the site to catch up on sections of shows I may have sorta kinda dozed through…in my senior citizen, way-past-my-bedtime way, and I realized the title of this podcast references the idiosyncratic speech habits of a certain literary genius. Coincidence? LETS HOPE SO; )