05/19/2012: Curious Spectacle

The music delivery man left some records on our doorstep and we played them and did a dance: Brackles releases his very svelte debut LP, Photek and Pinch make it reign, there’s a terrific new single from Gatekeeper, the latest from our friend Ruckus Roboticus, The “Rabulism” of Christopher Rau, Shed remixing Mr. Luke Hess, the haunting beats of Photodementia, more from Mouse on Mars, and the return of oOoOO (pronunciations welcome)! As always, thanks for tuning in!


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2 Responses to “05/19/2012: Curious Spectacle”

  1. I don’t know how you do it but this one was another awesome mix. In the first half some songs stood out to me here and there. In the second half, and I get this feeling for other weekly mixes, I was taken on a musical journey, which I was grateful to go on. And btw, it’s pronounced “oOoOO.” Hope that helps!

  2. wow. excellent mix. I especially love the 2nd half. this one is on instant repeat.